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GameStop Exclusive Knock Out Funko Mystery Box! Unveiled!

The next box of wonder is one its way very soon, the GameStop Exclusive Knock Out Funko Mystery Box!

Again as usual they are called Mystery Boxes but it’s common practice to reveal the majority of the contents before hand it seems, not that i mind too much. The contents of this box seems very fun! By the way, if you feel knowing the contents might be spoilerish then click away now! First we have Armor King which is very fun, in his usual armor and green and red eye coloration. Next my favorite of the group, a Rock Candy of Chun Li, very nice. Lastly there is a Pocket POP of Akuma.

But that’s not all, you didn’t think you’d get away with buying just one of these boxes did you? Oh no. GameStop wants you to buy many of these boxes, so the same as they did with the Black Friday box there will be rare variants of the figures inside. Again i’m going to guess that doesn’t include the Rock Candy, so you can have a selection of Chun Li’s to go with your Enchantresses. Official they say “Rare Variants” & a “Golden Figure”, this seems to mean there will be 1 Golden Figure and also variants of the POP. Now i’m assuming these will all replace the POP, it’s possible they won’t (hopefully) but likely they will. Also will this be different figures entirely or different versions of Armor King? We will have to wait and see! Feel free to share your thoughts below, glam shots and info coming up!

19th April Update: Today the box has been released! And we finally get to become witness unto the bountiful produce of the GameStop Knock Out box. How bountiful? Well i will let you decide that one. It seems all 3 of the items have a variant, that is definitely a step up from the Black Friday box where only the POP varied. So the benefit here is that if you buy multiple boxes at least you don’t have a mountain of the same things! I purchased 6 boxes myself so i will report back soon and reveal what i got, i mean it’s always possible there are more variants. I was originally planning to only get one but .. i’m really getting into Rock Candy so i wanted to get them all! Full reveal coming up!

Update 2: I opened up my boxes and got 5 regulars of each and 1 chase of each but no golden Chun Li sadly! So it seems the odds are 1 in 6 for the regular chases and either 1 in 12 or 18 for the golden Chun Li.

You can purchase the box online by clicking here!

Tekken – Grey Armor King #202 (GameStop Exclusive) 1:1

GameStop Exclusive Knock Out Funko Mystery Box

Tekken – Blue Armor King #202 (GameStop Exclusive) [Variant] 1:6 Chance

Street Fighter – Chun Li Rock Candy (GameStop Exclusive) 1:1

Street Fighter – Pink Chun Li Rock Candy (GameStop Exclusive) [Variant] 1:6 Chance

Street Fighter – Gold Chun Li Rock Candy (GameStop Exclusive) [Variant] 1:12 or 1:18 Chance

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There and Back Again. LOTR Funko Pocket POPs! Coming 2017!

Have your fill of Tolkien with the upcomin LOTR Funko Pocket POPs!

Welcome to part 27 of our London Toy Fair series!

After previewing the huge lineup of upcoming LOTR POPs yesterday (you can view that article here), we have two more to add to the collection. The last two are almost of the POP variety, just with the Pocket prefix as we have two little guys for you! Frodo and Gandalf in their Keychain form, they look pretty fun! Though i’m not hugely into the Keychains from Funko, i do try and collect the exclusives. One of the main issues is that i’d never really use them, POPs aren’t the most rugged of things so if i had one on my Keychain it would get dirty and or broken pretty quickly. For that reason my Pocket POPs are just sitting pretty in their boxes. What are your thoughts? Glam shots and info coming up!

Lord of the Rings – Frodo Baggins Pocket POP

LOTR Funko Pocket POPs

Lord of the Rings – Gandalf Pocket POP


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Disney Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Funko POPs! First Look!

Before the Toy Fair news starts, we have something special for you, the first look at the Disney Kingdom Hearts Funko POPs! Truth be told, these probably excite me more than anything in the Toy Fair reveals! Mainly because i love Disney and Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games of all time, […]

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Dreamworks Boss Baby Funko POPs! Coming February!

The boss is in, say hello to the upcoming Dreamworks Boss Baby Funko POPs!

Don’t lie .. i know these POPs are your no.1 choice for 2017, it’s confirmed you want a Boss Baby presiding over your collection! These figures are from the soon to be released Boss Baby film by Dreamworks, the idea originally came from a book of the same name written by Marla Frazee. From what i’ve seen there’s also a sequel to that book, with the original name the bossier baby, so if this film does well i’m sure there will be a sequel in the works! From what i’ve seen of the trailer the film does look fairly cute, and my wife’s a huge animated film fan so it’s no doubt in my mind we will be going to see this. What are your thoughts? The POPs are pretty cool, i like what they did the the eyes it’s perfect for the character. Glam shots and info coming up!

Boss Baby – Boss Baby in Suit #394

Dreamworks Boss Baby Funko POPs Suit 394

Boss Baby – Boss Baby in Tie #395

Boss Baby – Boss Baby in Suit Pocket POP Keychain


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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Pocket POPs & More! Coming February!

Next on the new Marvel film journey is the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Pocket POPs and Pint Size Heroes!

So far .. we know of 3 Pocket POPs that are being released for this line, they are shown below. But judging by the craziness surrounding this film i’m thinking there’s going to be more, and at least one Hot Topic exclusive. We’ll have to wait and see on that front though! The Pint Size Heroes have recently been updated, before it only showed 10 characters .. but now there’s an 11th one. The Director of the film when asked stated that she is named Ayesha, one of the main villains in the film. What are your thoughts on Pint Size Hero exclusives? I’m guess there will be a few, i mean look at the Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes. They have 3 different store exclusives! Crazy indeed. Glam shots and info coming up!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Pint Size Heroes

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Star-Lord Pocket POP

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Pocket POPs

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Rocket Raccoon Pocket POP

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Baby Groot Pocket POP


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Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Funko POP & More! First Look!

Ready to quench your Seuss addiction with the Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Funko POP and what’s this? More?!

I’m sure there’s someone out there with a Dr. Seuss addiction! Don’t tell me i made that up. But here we have for you photos of the four currently known Dr. Seuss POPs, there are others coming such as Horton but no one knows what he looks like yet. If you’ve seen the glam shots you’ll notice these look quite different, though i’m sure you know by know that glam shots are about marketing and when they come to be made they look quite different. The main thing i noticed was that Fox in Socks is a lot less .. red .. than his glam shot, the real one is more pink than anything. Lastly we have for you the yet unseen Pocket POPs of both Fox in Socks and Cat in the Hat! This way they can come with you and see all the horrors of our lives in person, what fun! Shots and info coming up!

Dr. Seuss – Cat in the Hat #4

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Funko POP

Dr. Seuss – Sam I Am #5

Dr. Seuss – Sam’s Friend #6

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Live Action Beauty and the Beast Keychains and More! First Look!

Continuing our look at the new Beauty and the Beast film, today we have for you the upcoming Beauty and the Beast Keychains and Mystery Minis!

The last pieces we have for you from the upcoming Live Action remake (for now that is) are the Pocket POPs and Mystery Minis. So far there are two Pocket POPs that are known of, both featuring Belle. It’s quite likely there will be more though .. i’m thinking perhaps a Hot Topic exclusive Keychain. For exclusives we usually have to wait for the official Funko announcement, but we will see! Secondly we have the Mystery Minis, it seems as we all knew would happen there are multiple exclusives. Both Hot Topic and Walmart are taking their share of exclusives, let’s just hope no one else gets some (i’m talking about you Walgreens). There is one saving grace though, the mystery minis are all 1/12 per case, so at least you’ll know all 12 are in each case! No 1/72 .. or the dreaded .. 1/6 of which the Fallout 4 box had 3 of. Hot Topic has 3 exclusive Mystery Minis shown below, Walmart has 2 that we know of .. but i’m guessing there will be a third, Walmart’s exclusives look pretty fun! Regardless i’m looking forward to all of the Beauty and the Beast products. What say you? Glam shots and info coming up!

Update 18th April 2017: Added the missing Mystery Minis selection.

Live Action Beauty and the Beast – Celebration Belle Pocket POP Keychain

Beauty and the Beast Keychains

Live Action Beauty and the Beast – Belle Pocket POP Keychain

Base set of Mystery Minis

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