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You’re a Wizard. Harry Potter Funko Rock Candy! Coming May!

Are you a Wizard too? Well maybe not, but you can at least get a tiny bit closer with these upcoming Harry Potter Funko Rock Candy!

I’m sure if you’ve been following the Rock Candy line you’ll know this, and well i’ve mentioned it before too. But these are the first male figures in the Rock Candy line! I wasn’t sure if they were ever going to add male figures, and i can’t say i mind either way. What are your thoughts? It’s certainly true that the female characters are going to sell better, but you probably can’t leave the main characters out of the HP line. It’s no question i’m going to be getting these, firstly i’m trying to collect all the Rock Candy figures and secondly my wife is a huge Harry Potter fan. Taking that last one into account means these will probably mainly be hers when we get them! With even more POPs on the way in this line, it’s safe to say Harry Potter will continue to be prevalent in the Funko world. Glam shots and info coming up!

Harry Potter – Harry Potter with Hedwig Rock Candy

Harry Potter Funko Rock Candy

Harry Potter – Hermione Granger Rock Candy

Harry Potter – Ron Weasley with Scabbers Rock Candy

Harry Potter – Luna Lovegood Rock Candy

Harry Potter – Bellatrix Lestrange Rock Candy


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FYE Exclusive Lucius Malfoy with Prophecy Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

Join your slytherin brethren with the upcoming FYE Exclusive Lucius Malfoy with Prophecy Funko POP! The latest in the line of Harry Potter POPs, we’re already at 40! Though we are missing some numbers, 23, 24 and 25 .. i wonder what they could be? (Reader Poppy reminded me that they were in the SDCC […]

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New Harry Potter Keychains & Pen Toppers! Coming Soon!

Express your wizarding side with these New Harry Potter Keychains and Pen Toppers from Funko!

Funko continues its march into the Harry Potter fans bank accounts, this time with some new Pen Toppers and Pocket POPs to accompany the latest line of POPs. These products mark the second wave of Pen Toppers and Keychains for the HP line, as my wife is a huge HP fan i usually pay extra attention to what is happening with this line! Hopefully we will have another wave of POP rides too .. or who knows, maybe the Dragon ride with Harry, Ron and Hermione will finally be released as it has been on pre-order lists for a long time. What items are you hoping to see from the Harry Potter world? Maybe a HP Ghosts line? We will see. Glam shots and info coming up!

Harry Potter – Quidditch Pen Toppers (Wave Two)

Harry Potter – Severus Snape Pocket POP Keychain

New Harry Potter Keychains

Harry Potter – Azkaban Albus Dumbledore Pocket POP Keychain

Harry Potter – Dementor Pocket POP Keychain


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Hot Topic Exclusive Fantastic Beasts Newt & Picket Funko POP! Out Now!

Come take a look at the upcoming Hot Topic Exclusive Fantastic Beasts Newt & Picket Funko POP!

He’s the latest in the line from the upcoming film set in the Harry Potter world. The hype train is in full effect! I think we all know this film is going to be a huge success, that’s already obvious regardless of how good it is. Big success means more POPs! Considering they started a whole new number line for this film i’m guessing we’ll be seeing plenty more to come from this film in the coming months. Glam shots, link and info coming up!

Update: Out now!

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them – New Scamander with Pickett #10 (Hot Topic Exclusive) $12.50 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Fantastic Beasts Newt & Picket Funko POP 10




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FYE Exclusive Harry Potter & Voldemort Funko POP 2 Pack! Pre-Order Now!

Meaningless 2 Pack alert! It’s the FYE Exclusive Harry Potter & Voldemort Funko POP 2 Pack! We have another 2 Pack from the king of 2 Packs, FYE. If you already have these 2 Funko POPs, you won’t be getting anything new here as they’re just the original POPs with no variance. Though if you want […]

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BAM Exclusive Harry Potter Fred & George Weasley Funko POP 2 Pack! Pre Order Now!

Here comes another senseless pack with the new BAM Exclusive Harry Potter Fred & George Weasley Funko POP 2 Pack! Well .. it’s great if you really must have a 2 pack of these guys i suppose, instead of just buying them separately. This is their second 2 Pack so far, following on from their Bulma […]

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New Harry Potter Funko POPs, Glams, Exclusives And More! Coming October!

Time for New Harry Potter Funko POPs! Well .. kind of new!

We did announce and post glam shots of most of the figures last week, but now since they have been released officially we get to see the full list along with high quality glam shots! With this new list we see the full extent of Exclusives, and seems Hot Topic has eaten all the pie this time. They have 5 exclusives all to themselves, the only other one was the Target Exclusive and that already came out. This is mostly a good thing, because Hot Topic actually knows what they’re doing with Exclusives along with stocking them well and delivering them in good condition. I mean, want these to go to Walmart or Walgreens? Definitely not.

The two main ones we haven’t seen before is the Lucius and Harry with Hedwig exclusives, from initial reactions the Lucius POP is becoming a series favorite! And you can see why, it certainly is a unique and interesting design. Glam shots and info coming up! Set for release Mid to Late October 2016.

Harry Potter – Harry in Christmas Sweater #27 (Hot Topic Exclusive)

New Harry Potter Funko POPs

Harry Potter – Ron in Christmas Sweater #28 (Hot Topic Exclusive)


Harry Potter – Bellatrix in Azkaban #29 (Hot Topic Exclusive)


Harry Potter – Lucius Malfoy #30 (Hot Topic Exclusive)


Harry Potter – Harry with Hedwig #31 (Hot Topic Exclusive)


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