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Funko POP News Micro Update 127.0

How was your weekend? Hope you started the new week off well! Posted some recent items i got to Facebook and Twitter so your free to check those out, some newer items i got just today were FYE Reptar, Chase Flocked Porg from Hot Topic and Bone Daddy from the Funko Shop! Luckily all came […]

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Walgreens Exclusive Juggernaut Funko POP! Back in Stock!

Do you know who i am? Get ready for the Walgreens Exclusive Juggernaut Funko POP! Walgreens is hitting up the X Men line with the Juggernaut POP coming soon, and he’s looking pretty awesome. Sure to be a hit with fans of the show and comics alike, i’m wondering what size he will be. At […]

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ThinkGeek Exclusive Posh Tracer Funko POP! Out Now!

ThinkGeek Exclusive Posh Tracer Funko POP ~ Overwatch – Posh Tracer #92 (ThinkGeek Exclusive) $11.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 2.5% cash back at GameStop by going through eBates ($10 gift card for new members) click me! All you have to do is sign up, then go to the GameStop page at eBates […]

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Funko POP News Micro Update 122.0

Hope you’re all excited for the upcoming SDCC event, with a record number of POPs coming to this years convention! You’ll be even more hard pressed than usual if you want to grab them all, i know i’m definitely cutting back and will only grab the ones i really want this time. Although that is […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Furry N Fierce Funko POP! Out Now!

Does your bear have a wild side? Prepare to find one with the upcoming Hot Topic Exclusive Furry N Fierce Funko POP! Furry N Fierce is a brand new line from Hot Topic in co-operation with Build-A-Bear, your favorite bear making company. Seems fitting since my local Build A Bear is right next to Hot Topic! […]

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FYE Exclusive Monterey Jimi Hendrix Funko POP! Out Now!

In keeping with the fire theme this time something from the Rocks line, it’s the FYE Exclusive Monterey Jimi Hendrix Funko POP! Update: June 26th, back in stock! Rocks – Monterey Jimi Hendrix #53 (FYE Exclusive) $14.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 3.5% cash back at FYE by going through eBates […]

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Funko POP News Micro Update 119.0

How have you all been, looking forward to the weekend? I wonder, there’s been plenty of exciting SDCC news over the past week or 2 and more to come of course! Sadly this year i won’t be attending SDCC, there’s only so many days you can take off in a year and we will probably […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Clark Kent Funko Dorbz! Out Now!

Hot Topic Exclusive Clark Kent Funko Dorbz Note: New limit! Now they limit them to 5 per customer (or per order perhaps). DC Heroes – Clark Kent #345 (Hot Topic Exclusive LE 3,500) $9.90 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 4.0% cash back at Hot Topic by going through eBates ($10 gift […]

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San Diego Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 7!

Another day and another explosion of POPs in your face with part 7 of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 Funko reveals! And don’t worry there’s plenty more coming! They will wear you down until that wallet opens up.

Todays theme is a little of a strange one, it’s the “Warner Brothers” theme! It kind of feels like that was more of an after though, so they can throw in a few TV shows and films that are affiliated with the WB. But this wave certainly doesn’t disappoint, i’m not too worried about the themes but i can appreciate them trying to give some semblance to these reveals. The first thing that caught my eye was the POP Ride, with Dean and his “Baby” as they call it. This is of course the iconic Impala from the show that has featured alongside them in pretty much every episode, for as long as there have bee POP rides fans have been asking for this one. So i’m glad it’s finally here! I watched Supernatural up until hm .. season 8 i think, i can’t remember him calling it his baby very often so that could be a newer thing.

Another part of this reveal, which i know my wife will be very happy with, is the Harry Potter POPs! The first one being Harry riding on his broom in his Quidditch outfit, as far as i can tell they’re trying to give them impression of him chasing the Golden Snitch. It’s a pretty fun POP i have to say, Funko have been doing a lot of these POPs lately that come with stands. I’m thinking of Peter Pan, Dumbo, Tinkerbell and so on. The other from this line is Luna Lovegood with her “interesting” glasses and attire, she’s kind of a cult favorite for HP fans from what i know. I did like her in the films, her voice and demeanor were cute.

It’s hard to say what my favorite from this wave is, i’m kind of between Occamy and the LOTR 2 Pack. The Lord of the Rings is one choice because, well, it’s Aragorn and Arwen what more do i need to say! But Occamy on the other hand is very interesting, never seen a POP like it. And yes their scales are shimmery and metallic! So for sheer uniqueness i’m going to have to go with Occamy. What are your thoughts on this wave, will Lincoln as Reaper from The 100 be your pick? I wonder. Glam shots and info coming up!

Harry Potter – Harry Potter on Broom (Quidditch) #31 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Reveal 7

Harry Potter – Luna Lovegood with Glasses #41 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

The 100 – Reaper Lincoln #474 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive LE 750)

Fantastic Beasts – Occamy #12 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Lord of the Rings – Aragorn & Arwen 2 Pack #? (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)


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GameStop Exclusive GITD Vivec Funko POP! Out Now!

GameStop Exclusive GITD Vivec Funko POP Note: The sticker in the photo says it’s a power up rewards exclusive, but .. it’s available online for retail so who knows what they did! Update: Melissa commented below saying theirs from the store has the regular GameStop sticker and not the Power Up sticker. So that means […]

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