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Walgreens Exclusive Radium and Midas Batman Funko Dorbz! Out Now!

Continuing with the theme of releasing every Batman variant as both a POP and Dorbz, we have the just released Walgreens Exclusive Radium and Midas Batman Funko Dorbz!

These follow on from the POPs that were released not too long ago exclusively to Target, the Professor Radium and Golden Midas Batman. Though for some reason Funko is calling the Dorbz Green Glow Batman instead! This only paves the way for an upcoming release of the Negative Batman and North Pole Batman as Dorbz too, what do you think about that? And yes as far as i know these are fully released, people have seen them at Walgreens. Where you say? I have no idea, i haven’t seen any myself yet but eBay certainly has some. If you’ve been tracking down POPs for some time now you’ll know some store exclusives are easy to find, where as others have the most random and weird releases making them incredible difficult to find. I’m sure many of you have felt that frustration! Good luck in finding these guys if you want them, glam shots and info coming up!

DC Heroes – Professor Radium Batman #300 (Walgreens Exclusive)

Walgreens Exclusive Radium and Midas Batman Funko Dorbz

DC Heroes – Golden Midas Batman #301 (Walgreens Exclusive)


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Let’s Go Back. Classic Batman Funko POPs! Coming June!

Bring some nostalgia back into your life and relive those times with the upcoming Classic Batman Funko POPs!

These POPs are based on the classic Batman TV show that aired all the way back in 1966, a far cry from today’s Batman. Back then things were a lot less dark, they aired on the more colorful and camp side of the comics. This also comes with a few firsts, as we’ve never seen a POP of Mr. Freeze or King Tut before! I know when it comes to Mr. Freeze people have been clamoring for a POP of him for quite some time, though when he did come it was expected he would be the Batman & Robin version. But either way i’m glad they released him finally!

There was a few different looks they could of gone with, but the one they chose is the “Otto Preminger” representation of Mr. Freeze with the orange eyebrows and bald head giving it away. The Riddler is based on the “Frank Gorshin” style, as he did both versions in his time with and without the classic bowler hat. We first saw these back in the New York Toy Fair, feel free to click here to see that article (Which also includes photos of the POPs in person). What are your thoughts on this new line, anything you think they missed? Glam shots and info coming up!

Classic Batman – The Riddler #183

Classic Batman Funko POPs

Classic Batman – The Riddler with Bowler [Chase] #183

Classic Batman – The Penguin #184

Classic Batman – Mr. Freeze #185

Classic Batman – Batgirl #186

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Imposter. Funko Shop Exclusive Jungle Batman POP! Out Now!

Funko Shop Exclusive Jungle Batman POP


DC Heroes – Jungle Batman #182 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 10,000) $14.99 – Click me to buy!

Funko Shop Exclusive Jungle Batman POP


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Caped Crusaders. 1966 Batman Funko Action Figures! Coming Soon!

Relive the classics with the upcoming 1966 Batman Funko Action Figures!

Welcome to part 5 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

To go alongside their POP counterparts (click here to see) Funko are also releasing an action figure line, though you may notice in the POP article that there is no Bookworm or Catwoman. Perhaps there will be Bookworm and another Catwoman POP to come in the future? What do you think? Funko has had a strange relationship with action figures over time, they had their split with the Reaction line and have tried numerous other types of figure. This kind of deters me from them as they all have different boxes and designs, so if you collect Funko action figures they won’t look like the same line.

If you see the photos from the NY Toy Fair below you may notice some figures missing, they reveal concept shots of all but two! If we take a close look at the NY Toy Fair photos we can see there is another Batman and Mr. Freeze action figure. The Bat Logo on the other figure looks akin to the 1944 Batman (thanks to temrocket for pointing out that it’s Adam West’s screen test outfit), it doesn’t have the yellow around it. And if you’re wondering about the Mr Freeze figures, well some research has revealed they are of two different actors. The bald Mr. Freeze is the actor Otto Preminger and the one with hair (only shown in the NY photos) is Eli Wallach. Concept shots and info coming up!

Batman 1966 – Batgirl Action Figure

1966 Batman Funko Action Figures

Batman 1966 – Catwoman Action Figure

Batman 1966 – Bookworm Action Figure

Batman 1966 – Mr. Freeze Action Figure

Batman 1966 – King Tut Action Figure

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Time Machine. 1966 Batman Funko POPs! Coming Soon!

Update: Full glam shots and chase details have been released, click here!

Relive the glory days with the upcoming 1966 Batman Funko POPs!

Welcome to part 4 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

No release date as of yet, but hopefully we’ll see some full on glam shots soon enough. They may not be as fancy as the modern equivalents but they certainly look the part, i like how they really captured the retro look of the show. Also excitingly for fans it is the first time we’re seeing Mr. Freeze (and King Tut) in POP form, many have been wanting him for quite some time. They have been teasing him here and there but never released him, but here we are! I’m sure people will be happy with them until they get a Batman & Robin version, whatever is said about that film the POPs from it would be awesome. What are your thoughts? Concept shots and info coming up!

Update: added real photos to the end.

1966 Batman – Batgirl #?

1966 Batman Funko POPs

1966 Batman – Mr. Freeze #?

1966 Batman – Riddler #?

1966 Batman – Penguin #?

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Walgreens Exclusive Black Suit Joker Funko POP! Out Now!

Time for a classic with the just released Walgreens Exclusive Black Suit Joker Funko POP! People always ask with variants is where are they from? Or what source material is this design based on? The majority of the time Funko always bases their designs on the source material, however niche that material may be. As far […]

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Batman the Animated Series Funko POPs Wave 2! Coming 2017

The first wave was awesome, get ready for Batman the Animated Series Funko POPs Wave 2!

Moving onto part 9 of our London Toy Fair previews! The animated series of Batman is one of mine, and probably many others favorite show featuring the caped crusader himself. I loved wave one of these POPs, especially Poison Ivy .. definitely my favorite from that line. What was your favorite? Poison Ivy has a great 50’s look to her, even though she’s my favorite i don’t think i have her. As far as i know i just have Harley Quinn from that line, i ordered Ivy from Hot Topic one time but she was canceled on me sadly so i’m still looking for her. As for this new line, wave 2, Phantasm definitely looks awesome! And so does the classic Catwoman look from the show. I’m curious as to how the Robot Batman will look hm .. i wonder. What do you think about this line? Concept shots and info coming up!

Batman the Animated Series – Robot Batman #?

Batman the Animated Series Funko POPs Wave 2

Batman the Animated Series – Phantasm #?

Batman the Animated Series – Clayface #?

Batman the Animated Series – Catwoman #?

Batman the Animated Series – Bane #?

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