Star Wars Force Friday 2017

Funko 2017 Autumn Solstice

To take a trip back to our SDCC, D23 and Pop Up Shop Summer Extravaganza from this year, just click this link and away you go!

Get ready for Force Friday II right here! Coming well .. this Friday! On September the 1st, here we will detail all the info you need to grab what you want on this crazy day. First we start off by showing the base 13 non exclusive POPs, these are wave 1 because you know more waves will be coming. These base POPs are for sale pretty much everywhere .. so we won’t go into too much detail on how to grab those, just pop in to your favorite local place or online store. After that we will show what exclusives are on offer! These are trickier to get so we will be providing links, products codes and so on to help you out with those. Good luck!

Update!! Target Winged Porg coming soon! Click me!
Update!! Red Stormtrooper going live on the 1st of October, for red card holders only! Limit of 5 per customer! Click me!
Update!! Both Walgreens exclusive Praetorian Guards have been seen in store now!

  • Important Notes
    • I’ve added links below each common POP for Walmart (As they’re the cheapest base price).
    • For other stores please see the “Comprehensive Store Catalogue” at the end of the article.
    • Please note, no links will be live until at least midnight of the 31st August. So if it doesn’t work, it’s either not live yet or sold out.
    • Lastly, if an image has a store logo below it. It means we have the link, click the store logo to go there! Note from above applies.

Funko POP!s


Base Set




Multipacks (Costco Exclusive)


Funko Wobblers

Funko Galactic Plushies


Funko Mystery Minis

Funko POP! Pens


Funko POP! Home


Funko Lanyards


Kylo Ren Deluxe POP Ride
Coming Soon?
Various NYCC 2017 Figures
Walgreens Exclusive Medical Droid

Comprehensive Store Catalogue

18 thoughts on “Star Wars Force Friday 2017

  1. Cody is up

  2. If you go to ***, he has a picture of DJ with a GameStop sticker on it. Thought I would let you know.

    1. Thanks for the update Sam! Indeed i tried to post that update last night but was super tired ~ i’m glad Funko announced the full line of POPs today so we get to see them all!

  3. not part of Force Friday release but Hot Topic Exclusive Ahsoka is live

  4. Do we know when the Walgreens Praetorian Guards will be available?

    1. Walgreens said on Twitter they have no ETA on their exclusives ~

    2. Funko says they’re due in October

      1. Do you have a link for where Funko said that ~

        1. If you scroll down to the ‘exclusive’ listings in this link, it says ‘coming in October’ right under pics of the Praetorion Guards. Towards bottom of page:

          1. Hi Joey, thanks for the link! I missed that ~

  5. Anyone know if Walmart’s exclusive Leia in Cloak will be sold online ever? The site says ‘in-store purchase only’. It’s kinda effed up that the resistance BB droid was sold online, but not Leia…

    1. Probably at some point, i guess they just want to get people into their stores ~ they get so much stock on their exclusives they always go online in the end.

      1. Thanks, that’s good to know, so I can stay away from buying it on eBay 🙂

        1. Yes no worries! Happened before with unmasked Kylo and Poe Dameron. People went crazy for them and spent a lot on eBay, but they came back a month or 2 later and they’re still in stock online to this day.

          1. Do you expect something similar will happen with the Ewok 3-pack – widely available at some point?

          2. Hi Katie, i would expect so! They do pop up online from time to time, just selling out each time. I got mine one of the times they appeared online briefly ~

    2. I found a Leia in store yesterday but (as usual) the box was banged up. I can never find walmart exclusives in store that aren’t banged up and I’ve looked lots of places. I can’t stand Target and Walmart exclusives.

      1. I agree Melanie, that’s why i always order multiples online hoping 1 will be good. Sadly Leia is still in store only, i hope they change that! I’m on the lookout for her ~

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