Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017

Funko 2017 Autumn Solstice

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Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con happens on the weekend of October 27th to the 29th.

Show Hours
Fri. October 27th, 2017, 1pm – 6pm
Sat. October 28th, 2017, 9:30am* – 6pm
Sun. October 29th, 2017, 10am* – 4pm

*VIP Pass-holders gets access to show floor 30 minutes before show open on Saturday and Sunday.


  • Update 1: Comikaze is coming to LA again! And will feature the typical exclusives you would find there, usually 2 for Hot Topic.
  • Update 2: A few Hot Topic shared exclusives have been found! Definitely a change from the usual, the past 3 years there has always been 2 Hot Topic shared exclusives, and that was it. This year it seems there will be a few more. Also no word on if other stores will get in on the action, or if it’s just Hot Topic again like usual.
    1. GITD Ahsoka
    2. Moon Knight
    3. Flocked Snowball
    4. Fat Man Kevin Smith
  • Update 3: Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con official Facebook page has revealed the first images of the upcoming 4 Hot Topic shared exclusive POPs!
  • Update 4: The Facebook page mentions that there will be a Con exclusive Chase of Moon Knight.
  • Update 5: The voice of Ahsoka will be there and available to sign your GITD Ahsoka POP!
  • Update 6: Today is the 26th of October, so the convention starts tomorrow! Have fun all those who are going.
  • Update 7: Hot Topic have confirmed that the GITD version of Moon Knight is the special version that will only be available at the HT booth at the convention. The one that will be in stores is the non GITD version.
  • Update 8: Here’s some photos from the con during setup!
  • Update 9: They previously said no in communications, but today Stan Lee’s Comic Con announced that yes there will be exclusive Stan Lee POPs, 2 of them! Both available only at the Stan Lee Bull Pen.
  • Update 10: Hot Topic announced that the POPs would go live the night of the final day from the Convention, and would go on sale in store the day after the convention ended on the 30th.
  • Update 11: At 12:30 AM Est 30th October, Hot Topic released the 4 SLLACC Exclusive POPs online! $15.00 as is usual with convention exclusives, good luck!
  • Update 12: Kevin Smith sure sold out fast! I managed to get them all on the day except for him, though i mainly wanted Ashoka. Hope you all got what you wanted!
  • Update 13: I spotted the GITD version of Moon Knight on the Hot Topic website hidden away, i don’t know if this was a mistake or if they will be selling unsold quantities online. Stay tuned!
  • Update 14: This is the end of SLLACC news for now! Unless the GITD version goes on sale online, no more news is needed. Hope you got what you wanted, take care!

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