San Diego Conan at Comic Con 2018

Funko 2018 Summer Bonanza

No D20, Star Wars Celebration or POP Up Shop For 2018! See you next year!

Conan will be making his usual SDCC appearance this year! Along with giving away some POP goodness. Which versions of him will we see this time around?

What are they?

Variations of popular characters altered to look like Conan O’Brien, usually done by just placing his head on other existing POPs! Sometimes his head will be altered to match the POP better.

How to get them?

The majority will be given away for free at one of his San Diego live show recordings, there will also be a couple given away online at various points from Conan and from Funko themselves.

Where do i get tickets for Conan?

Anyone can try and get tickets for the Conan live filming in San Diego, and they’re free too! You just have to be .. very lucky to get chosen, so good luck!

Click me to go to the ticketing page!

What ones are available this year?

The SDCC items will be available at the filming of the Conan show as mentioned above, meaning fairly hard to get if you’re not one of the lucky few going! But the GameStop ones are available anytime from GameStop, online and in store. I’m assuming the same will be true for the upcoming Fold Dancer etc POPs.

What else is there?

This is the 4th year of Conan POPs! There have been many fun ones in the past, so to see the Conan POPs from previous years such as 2015, 2016 & 2017; just see here (Click me!)

Not Funko related, but there is also a collectors box that is exclusive to GameStop. The box contains..

  • Conan Socks
  • Conan Collector’s Pin
  • Conan Playing Cards
  • Conan Puzzle Cube
  • 2 Mystery Items

And will be released on the 10th of November, but you can pre-order it right now just see this link (Click me!)

Plus! Check the end of the article, now you can see Conan revealing this years POPs live on his show.

Conan Funko POPs 2018

Ant Conan (With actual Ant Conan)

Rebel Conan (Poe Dameron)

Hellboy Conan

Predator Conan
(GameStop Exclusive)
(GameStop Exclusive)
(GameStop Exclusive)
(GameStop Exclusive)

Conan Funko POP Tees 2018

Conan revealing the 2018 POPs live on his show!

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