San Diego Comic Con 2018

Funko 2018 Summer Bonanza

No D20 or Star Wars Celebration For 2018! See you next year!

Stay tuned for the upcoming SDCC craziness! Another year, another explosion of exclusives.


  1. SDCC 2018 is on the way! Get ready.
  2. A list that has been leaked via GameStop has been circling around, seems to be codenames for the GameStop SDCC shared exclusives! Seems there are 9 of them with a release date of 19th July.
    1. SDCC POP #1 Jet Boots SD 7/19
    2. SDCC POP #2 Snowball SD 7/19
    3. SDCC POP #3 Cowboy #1 SD 7/19
    4. SDCC POP #4 Cowboy #2 SD 7/19
    5. SDCC POP #5 George Forman SD 7/19
    6. SDCC POP #6 Roomba SD 7/19 (Sweeper Bot?)
    7. SDCC RC #7 Butterfly SD 7/19
    8. SDCC #8 D2pk: RW&B Skull SD 7/19 (Cap / Red Skull Dorbz 2 Pack?)
    9. SDCC POP #9 Todd SD 7/19
  3. The first item from SDCC has been revealed, the Black and Gold Alpha 5 will be available from the Bait booth. (Images below)
  4. Funko ran a competition to find a new figure within their documentary just released on Netflix, one lucky viewer found out that it was a Vynl. 2 Pack of The Royal Tenenbaums. These will be at SDCC this year.
    1. The Royal Tenenbaums Vynl 2 Pack
  5. Funko have stated that they will start releasing SDCC information not long after E3 happens.
  6. E3 has come and gone and we have our first wave of SDCC figures! This go around it’s all POPs, and from the Anime line.
  7. The video preview for the first wave appeared on YouTube, and it seems to show one extra figure! Metallic Whis, image below!
  8. We now have the second reveal! What is it this time? Two awesome figures from Star Wars!
  9. Wave 3 Alert! This time we have a selection of fun DC characters including a 3 pack.
  10. For wave 4 we have just one POP, it’s the directors line with James Wan.
  11. Wave 5 here, this is a comics wave! Joining 2 friends from Saga we have the awesome Hellboy!
  12. Wave 6 already? These are coming fast, this wave is the Video Games wave! Destiny and Overwatch representing.
  13. This next wave (7) brings us into the world of film with Scott Pilgrim, Mad Max and The Royal Tenenbaums!
  14. We saw him in the Anime video, but now Funko officially announces Metallic Whis! Seems he will be a Funimation exclusive. I will call this wave 7.5 for reference.
  15. Wave 8 is here, probably one of the most exciting yet. It is Marvel after all! Some fun ones on offer.
  16. With wave 9 comes items from Loungefly! Yes these aren’t POPs, but variety is the spice of life isn’t it?
  17. Amazon’s shared exclusive POPs have gone up for pre-order already! With this we now know who is exclusive to Amazon, plus that there will be an exclusive Edna/JackJack POP.
    1. Solo Stormtrooper POP (Click me!)
    2. Jessica Jones Rock Candy (Click me!)
    3. Edna Jack POP (Click me!)
    4. Odin Force Thor POP (Click me!)
  18. Kraglin is set for Barnes and Noble (Click me!) along with classic Ant Man (Click me!)

Funko POPs

Edna-Jack (Amazon)

Funko POPs (2 Pack)

Funko POPs (3 Pack)

Funko POP Rides

Funko Dorbz (2 Pack)

Funko Rock Candy

Funko Vynl.

Funko Loungefly


Wave 1 – Anime

Wave 2 – Star Wars

Wave 3 – DC

Wave 4 – James Wan

Wave 5 – Comics

Wave 6 – Games

Wave 7 – Movies

  • [Scott Pilgrim VS The World] Matthew Patel & Demon Chick #2 Pack (Not Limited)
  • [Scott Pilgrim VS The World] Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers #Vynl. (Not Limited)
  • [The Royal Tennenbaums] Margot & Richie #Vynl. (Limited to 2,900 Pieces)
  • [Mad Max: Fury Road] Mad Max & Nux Car #POP Ride (Limited to 5,000 Pieces)

Wave 7.5 – Funimation

  • [Dragon Ball Z] Metallic Whis #317 (Not Limited) [Funimation Exclusive Booth #4135)

Wave 8 – Marvel

  • [Directors] Taika Waititi #596 (Limited to 3,000 Pieces)
  • [MS10] Mark 1 Iron Man #338 (Not Limited)
  • [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2] Kraglin #337 (Not Limited)
  • [Thor: Ragnarok] Odin Force Thor #335 (Not Limited) [Shared with Amazon]
  • [Thor: Ragnarok] Valkyrie #336 (Not Limited)
  • [Jessica Jones] Jessica Jones #RC (Not Limited) [Shared with Amazon]
  • [Marvel Comics] Captain America & Red Skull #Dorbz 2 Pack (Not Limited)
  • [Marvel Comics] Classic Ant-Man #350 (Not Limited)
  • [Deadpool Parody] Pink Glitter Cheerleader Deadpool #325 (Limited to 1,000 Pieces)

Wave 9 – Loungefly

  • [Cuphead] Backpack & Pouch (Limited to 300 Pieces) [Shared with GameStop]
  • [Star Wars] Jabba’s Palace Backpack & Pouch (Limited to 400 Pieces) [Shared with Entertainment Earth]
  • [Star Wars] Porg Mini Backpack (Limited to 500 Pieces) [Shared with ThinkGeek]
  • [Stranger Things] Steve Harrington Tote (Limited to 500 Pieces) [Not Shared]


Once shared exclusives have been fully revealed, they will be listed here by store.