New York Comic Con 2017

Funko 2017 Autumn Solstice

To take a trip back to our SDCC, D23 and Pop Up Shop Summer Extravaganza from this year, just click this link and away you go!

It of course doesn’t all end with San Diego Comic Con, that celebration is just the first half of this years craziness. We have SDCC’s just as scary sibling approaching the near future, and according to Funko the exclusives will be in greater force than ever! Funko stated earlier this year that NYCC 2017 would have even more exclusives than SDCC, their most recent statement on the NYCC site said they will be bring at least 60 exclusives but i’m betting that number will increase as the time draws near. Keep an eye out here for all the NYCC 2017 updates! Good luck!

Note: See the end of the article for links to other pages, such as updates/news, links ordered by store and links ordered by wave.

Items are going live throughout the day!

Watch main Facebook, Twitter and or Main Blog Page. Links go there first!

Link Status

  • BAM = Live! (Article)
  • Toy Tokyo = 8th October! (Select people only)
  • GameStop = Live! (Article)
  • Barnes & Noble = Live! (Article)
  • Hot Topic = Live! (Article)
  • Box Lunch = Live! (Article)
  • Amazon = Live!
  • Toys R Us = Mostly Live! Waiting on Lolbit (Also Negan and Bazarro for non NYCC)
  • Funko Shop = Going live throughout the week!
  • Target = Kind of live! Went on sale on the Funko Shop

Question: How to use this page?
Below are examples of the store icons and what each of them mean, between no link at all up to them being live and on sale! To go to the page (if the link is available) then click on the store icon. Clicking on the POP or figure image will only give you a larger and closeup look at that figure.
Question: What is the best way to track down exclusives when they go live?
Answer: Links will first go live on my Facebook, Twitter and main Blog page. Once that is done i will update all of these pages, so your best bet is to keep track of my Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

 = Figure to be shared with that store + No link!

 = Figure to be shared with that store + Link Available!

 = Figure to be shared with that store + Link Live!

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Maybe Funko?

Maybe Funko?

Maybe Funko?

Maybe Funko?

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In order to streamline this page, make it shorter and easier to use i have moved other sections to different pages! I will link below where you can find them

  1. All NYCC news and the updates list will be here (Click me!).
  2. All NYCC figures ordered by wave will be listed here (Click me!).
  3. All NYCC figures ordered by store will be listed here (Click me!).

13 thoughts on “New York Comic Con 2017

  1. I am with you and am super stoked about the new Buffy & Faith 2 pack,
    But when will we get a Tara?!!?
    Where will they be available for sale?
    Does anyone know?

    1. Hi Stacie, just got some hints today that the buffy 2 pack will be shared outside of NYCC at Box Lunch perhaps.

  2. No other news about others being shared?

    1. Hi Tone, plenty of news but nothing official yet! Unconfirmed stories just take a lower priority ~

    2. Just added an update to the images so you can see what has been rumored so far!

  3. FPN: Disguised Jyn is actually a Books A Million exclusive, not a Barnes And Noble exclusive. Thank you for helping us collectors get these exclusive Pops easier! You are truly a huge help to us all!

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for the message! Know you’re welcome. And it is a typo on Funko’s part that they haven’t corrected, it has been confirmed by sources that Jyn is Barnes and Noble.

  4. So midnight on October 4th which is Wednesday or midnight on October 5th which is Thursday?

    1. Hi Joshua, it’s way past the first option so you may have answered your own questions ! It depends on your timezone, so 9pm PST Oct 4th up to the morning of Oct 5th.

  5. I’m consistently clicking refresh on the James Gunn link. I thought these were supposed to go on sale 10 min ago.

    1. Nothings guaranteed, could be anytime this morning! And i should note that the time is for store exclusives. Funko Shop exclusive could be ..anytime ! Funko will put those up very randomly.

      1. Thank you. I’m a very new collector. Picked up over 70 Marvel ones in a month and looking forward to adding more Marvel ones today.

  6. Toys R Us Links up on site but not live.

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