D23 Expo 2017

Funko 2017 Summer Extravaganza

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Named the ultimate fan event for a reason, the prestigious D23 Expo only comes around every 2 years so it’s certainly not something to miss! This year, Funko has been expanding dramatically everything they do. This year they have an official showing at D23 including a range of exclusives. That’s on top of their usual flogging the subscription boxes.

  • Update 1: Funko announce their presence at this years D23 Expo, Disney welcomes them to Anaheim between July 14th and July 16th later this year.
  • Update 2: Here’s a preview of the sticker that will feature on this years exclusives at the Expo! (Click me)
  • Update 3: Today Funko have announced the 5 exclusive items that will only be available on the D23 Floor. (Click me for the full article)
  • Update 4: None of the items have had specific limitations placed on them, so expect to see them available outside of the expo later! Probably on the Disney Store.
  • Update 5: That should be it for D23 Funko News for now, will update in future if there is a surprise announcement. Otherwise the next update will be news on their release outside of the convention, if that happens.
  • Update 6: D23 Expo has come and gone! And people have left with their loot, some were disappointed with the way Funko handled the Convention. This was mainly because they sold out their entire stock of items on the first day, and didn’t hold any back for other days. We’ll have to wait and see if these hit the Disney store or parks in future, i hope so!
Funko Dorbz Multi-Packs
Funko Rock Candy
Funko Dorbz Ride

D23 Expo 2017 Exclusives (Wave 1 / Star Wars & Marvel)

  1. [Guardians of the Galaxy] Gamora & Drax Prionsers Dorbz 2 Pack (No limitations known)
  2. [Guardians of the Galaxy] Rocket Raccoon & Star Lord Prisoners Dorbz 2 Pack (No limitations known)
  3. [Star Wars] Greedo, Walrus Man & Snaggletooth Dorbz 3 Pack (No limitations known)
  4. [Star Wars] Han Solo on Tauntaun Dorbz Ride #25 (No limitations known)
  5. [Marvel] Red She Hulk Rock Candy (No limitations known)

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