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The Walking Dead In Memoriam Funko Mystery Minis! Coming 2017!

Mourn your favorite characters with The Walking Dead In Memoriam Funko Mystery Minis! Welcome to part 34 of our London Toy Fair series!

In a similar vein to what they did 2 years ago at SDCC 2015, where they released an in memoriam set of characters from Game of Thrones. They are now doing the same with the Walking Dead, it basically means it’s a line of characters who have died in the show and they do them either in black and white or noir colors. As you can see below the colors are very toned down, what are your thoughts on series like this? Seeing that there is way more than 12 below it’s certainly not going to be a 1 in 12 situation, probably will have up to 1 in 36 rarities with exclusives on top. Glam shot and info coming up!

Walking Dead Season 8 Mystery Minis – In Memoriam

The Walking Dead In Memoriam Funko Mystery Minis


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Rowsdower. Mystery Science Theater Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Take off accompanied by your new robot friends with the Mystery Science Theater Funko POPs!

Welcome to part 32 of our London Toy Fair series!

These two interesting figures below are from a classic american tv show called Mystery Science Theater 3000, dating all the way back to 1988! Around the time i was born in fact, so i haven’t really had the pleasure of seeing much of the show. It ran for a quite impressive 11 years which is an incredible feat for any tv show, it even had some minor educational elements though it was mainly for comedy. Do any of you hand fond memories of the show? I wonder. The POPs certainly look interesting, very different body shapes than usual. Crow has much thinner and intricate legs and arms, and Tom has well .. no legs .. so definitely a change from the usual slouched POP form. I will be curious to see what they look like once they are done! Concept shots and info coming up!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Crow T. Robot #?

Mystery Science Theater Funko POPs

Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Tom Servo #?


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Let’s Get Weird. Workaholics Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Start and end the week with the upcoming Workaholics Funko POPs!

Welcome to part 25 of our London Toy Fair series!

Here we have 3 guys from a semi popular sitcom in the USA called “Workaholics”, as far as i can remember i think i watched the first few episodes some years ago. It wasn’t too bad, but then again it wasn’t great which is why i stopped watching. Feel free to comment if you disagree! What are your thoughts on this line? As with many POPs from movies and television, it has the generic guy issue. Again they’re great for customs, but unless you really knew the show they could really be any guy. Regardless, they did as good of a job as they could! From what i remember (and seen online through google) they have got their likenesses spot on. So i’m sure fans of the show will be intrigued by these at least! Concept shots and info coming up!

Workaholics – Adam #?

Workaholics Funko POPs

Workaholics – Anders #?

Workaholics – Blake #?


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Hot Topic Exclusive Underwater Eleven Funko POP! Out Now!

Bring her back into your world with the newly released Hot Topic Exclusive Underwater Eleven Funko POP!

Here we have what should be the last released POP in the Stranger Things series, are you collecting them all? I wonder. This is one of two Exclusives in the line, along with the just released Upside Down Will (you can read about him here). You may have found it challenging to finish this line as there has been a big rush to get the Chases, not surprising seeing as the show was so popular. But this in turn will hinder your progress, you will have to check stores early and daily or resort to eBay so good luck! This is a fairly cool POP, i like the translucent helmet she has over her head. It’s not often you get features like this so it’s a nice change, reminds me of the long time released Benson (Don’t look how much he costs now). What are your thoughts on this POP? Glam shots and info coming up!

Stranger Things – Eleven Underwater # (Hot Topic Exclusive) $12.50 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Underwater Eleven Funko POP

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FSociety. Mr Robot Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Reveal your hacktivist side with the upcoming Mr Robot Funko POPs!

Welcome to part 18 of our London Toy Fair series!

Here we have some concept artwork for the long awaited Mr. Robot Funko POPs, and they certainly have been awaited. Ever since they were first confirmed on various pre order lists several months ago. People are always asking, when are the Mr. Robot POPs coming? Have they been canceled? Are they a myth? Well now we finally get to see what they will look like, mostly at least! As these are concept images many things can change from now to release day, usually not much.. but you never know. I remember when at SDCC last year they were advertising it big time, there was an Uber style bus that took you where you wanted to go for free .. but with a catch. What are your thoughts on the designs so far? Concept shots and info coming up!

Mr. Robot – Elliot Alderson #?

Mr Robot Funko POPs

Mr. Robot – Mr. Robot #?

Mr. Robot – Whiterose #?

Mr. Robot – Angela Moss #?

Mr. Robot – Darlene Alderson #?


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Expect More. Alias Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Get some Sydney Bristow action with the upcoming Alias Funko POPs!

Welcome to part 11 of our London Toy Fair series! One for all of you Jennifer Garner fans, and i’m sure there are many! From the hit JJ Abrams show back in the early 00’s, there is a whole 4 Sydney Bristows for you. Is that too many Sydneys? I don’t know .. i mean i’ve never watched the show, though my wife is a huge fan so i will have to ask her. Are there any other characters in the show deserving of a POP? It’s fairly rare that they will make a line purely of the main character, but i suppose there may not be any other characters who have much of a presence. From what i’ve seen i’ll have to say the red haired version of Sydney is my favorite, red hair is the best isn’t it?! Concept shots and info coming up!

Alias – Sydney Bristow Blue Dress #?

Alias Funko POPs

Alias – Sydney Bristow Fishnet #?

Alias – Sydney Bristow Red Hair #?

Alias – Sydney Bristow School Outfit #?


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DC Television Funko Mystery Minis! Coming 2017!

If you want something different from Batman, maybe these DC Television Funko Mystery Minis will help!

Already onto part 10 of our London Toy Fair previews series. Here we have a look at the upcoming Mystery Minis line that features all of your favorite DC TV characters! And not just on the CW where most of them reside, but also on FOX where Gotham airs. The CW has a slight monopoly on the shows as they already have 4 of them, Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow! I will list each character from the lineup below for your information. But there is more than 12, that leads me to think that some will be exclusive. But i do think they will all be 1 in 12, just a hunch, with perhaps 3 exclusives per store. These are just concepts though, so by the time it’s released some may have changed or been removed all together. Concept shots and info coming up!

  1. Rip Hunter
  2. Hawkgirl
  3. Firestorm
  4. Captain Cold
  5. Supergirl
  6. Zoom
  7. Jay Garrick
  8. Selena Kyle
  9. Penguin
  10. Speedy
  11. Malcolm Merlin
  12. The Flash
  13. The Arrow
  14. Heatwave

DC TV – Mystery Minis

DC Television Funko Mystery Minis


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