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Titanfall 2 Funko POPs Featuring Mech AND Pilot! Coming Soon!

Some awesome news coming your way about the new Titanfall 2 Funko POPs! You may have seen the previous update about what the first item in the GameStop Mystery Box is going to be, well there’s more! Aside from the GameStop exclusive figure there will be 3 more Titanfall 2 POPs just as awesome! All of […]

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GameStop Funko Mystery Box Reveal! Part One!

Are you ready for the first reveal of the GameStop Funko Mystery Box?! Well here it is, and i have to say they didn’t disappoint! We all know the contents would be Titanfall 2 and Gears of War 4, but this particular POP is far from expected. Mainly because it’s the first POP as far as […]

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New GameStop Exclusive Funko Mystery Box! Pre-Order Now!

It’s time for another GameStop Exclusive Funko Mystery Box! Yay? Or nay? After the crazy fiasco that happened during last years GameStop mystery box, the one that was released around Black Friday, there is no doubt a lot of skepticism surround this box! And rightly so, they messed up big time with that release. But this is […]

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