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The World Needs Heroes. Overwatch Wave 2 Funko POPs! Coming April!

Prepare to get your wallets out and throw around all the cash you don’t have, because the Overwatch Wave 2 Funko POPs are coming!

From the company who can do no wrong (Blizzard) and at the same time is the cause of global warming, why Blizzard why? Comes a new line of awesome figures from Overwatch. People went crazy for the original line up and have been sharpening their claws ever since, and Funko has delivered some wonderful bounty for you. Well me personally i’ve never played Overwatch, crazy right? Well i’m sure some will think so, it has certainly gained some popularity. Regardless i collect this line of POPs anyway, just because well .. they’re awesome.

The character design is something i love, games like Overwatch and LOL fit so perfectly with POPs and figures because they have such a huge cast of characters. Each character is colorful and has a whole host of unique accessories and features, this combined together brings some very cool POPs. My favorite has to be the D.Va with her Meka though it’s very close between her and Mei, the translucent stream they’ve put around her is very unique in the POP world for sure. What are your thoughts? Glam shots and info coming up!

Overwatch – Posh Tracer #92 (Think Geek Exclusive)

Overwatch Wave 2 Funko POPs

Overwatch – Silver Pharah #95 (Blizzard Exclusive)

Overwatch – D.Va with Meka #177

Overwatch – Black D.Va with Meka #177 (Blizzard Exclusive)

Overwatch – Reinhardt #178

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DC Comics Bombshells Funko POPs! Coming February!

Very exciting news, happy to see the upcoming DC Comics Bombshells Funko POPs!

Probably one of my favorite, if not my most favorite new line from Funko so far this year. I’m a big fan of DC’s Bombshells and love the comics and other figures from the line, another collection i have is of the Cryptozoic DC Bombshells which i first saw at SDCC. They have 6″ figures and a line of smaller figures, all awesome, i may post them here sometime. So i was glad to see their designs were coming to POP form! Their 40s war time pin up art style seems to fit very nicely with these designs below, i only hope it’s not the end as we have to see Poison Ivy, Supergirl and more! What are your thoughts on this new line? Love it or hate it? I wonder. Glam shots and info coming up!

DC Bombshells – Harley Quinn #166

DC Comics Bombshells Funko POPs 166

DC Bombshells – Noir Harley Quinn #166 (Think Geek Exclusive) $11.99

DC Bombshells – Wonder Woman #167

DC Bombshells – Noir Wonder Woman [Chase] #167

DC Bombshells – Batgirl #168

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Street Fighter Logo

Brand New Exclusive Street Fighter Funko POPs! Coming Soon!

Continuing on from White Headband Ryu, we now have 4 new Exclusive Street Fighter Funko POPs! Well pretty much 4 new ones anyway, as for those who read this blog often will know that Hyper Blanka from GameStop has already been released (Click here for info)! But what are the other 3 POPs you ask? Well […]

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Netflix Stranger Things Funko POPs! First Look! Chases Abound

Come and get your first look at the eagerly awaited Netflix Stranger Things Funko POPs!

It wasn’t too long ago that Funko released their mock ups of what a Stranger Things Funko POP might look like. But now, after what seems like forever, we finally get our first look at the Stranger Things Funko POPs! They don’t have a release date just yet, but are set for early 2017 so i would expect anywhere between January and March. Until then you can get very excited for these awesome POPs! Strange enough, there are exactly 11 POPs in this list, 2 exclusives and 2 chases! Which is certainly a first to have 2 chases in a series like this. The Chase of Eleven is particularly cool, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news on these guys. Glam shots and info coming up!

Stranger Things – Eleven with Eggos #421

Netflix Stranger Things Funko POPs Eleven 421

Stranger Things – Eleven with Eggos & Wig #421 [Chase]


Stranger Things – Eleven Underwater #422 (Hot Topic Exclusive)


Stranger Things – Mike #423


Stranger Things – Dustin #424


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