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Can’t Go Back. Teen Wolf Funko POPs! Coming May!

Be wary of your next full moon as stepping outside may draw you closer to the wolf inside, say hello to the Teen Wolf Funko POPs!

You may remember back in early February when we first talked about Teen Wolf, this was when the first concept shots came out during the London Toy Fair (Click here to see). That all seems like an age away now! Today we have for you the full glam shots from the line, as far as i can tell they haven’t changed at all since then. Funko usually likes to strongly emphasize that the concept work doesn’t represent the final product, though this is just a thing they have to say as it usually doesn’t change from there. One thing i thought might happen is that they would add more characters to the line! But it seems not, so far at least, there’s always room for an exclusive or two. We will have to wait and see on that front as Teen Wolf isn’t the biggest show around really, what are your thoughts? Glam shots and info coming up!

Teen Wolf – Scott McCall #484

Teen Wolf Funko POPs

Teen Wolf – Scott McCall (Werewolf Form) #485

Teen Wolf – Stiles Stilinski #486


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This Might Hurt. Teen Wolf Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming 2017!

Update: As of the 28th of March 2017 the full glam shots have been released! Click here to go straight to that article.

Lose your mind with the upcoming brand new POPs, check out the Teen Wolf Funko Concept Art!

This is part 8 of our London Toy Fair series, showing you all the POPs coming up in 2017! Here we have concept work for MTV’s hit show “Teen Wolf”, where as you might guess a teenager becomes a wolf. Surely not spoilers! From what i know this has become a fairly popular show for MTV, and what i know mostly comes from my wife who loves Teen Wolf. Though she is a big fan of Teen Fiction, so if you’re into that then Teen Wolf is probably for you! It hasn’t been too long since MTV got into the TV game seriously, but they have had some good shows of late so I may try and watch it sometime, what are your thoughts on this line? Concept shots and info coming up!

Teen Wolf – Scott McCall #?

Teen Wolf Funko Concept Art

Teen Wolf – Scott McCall in Wolf Form #?

Teen Wolf – Stiles Stilinski #?


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