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Steven Universe Funko POPs Wave 2! Coming March!

Increase your gem collection with the upcoming second wave of Steven Universe Funko POPs!

With these new POPs you can finally complete your Crystal Gems team! Well .. almost, there doesn’t seem to be sight of Bismuth just yet. Though he could be an exclusive somewhere? Time will tell. Aside from Peridot and Rose Quartz, you also get their allies Connie, Lion and Lapis! I would tell you more, but i’ve never seen Steven Universe. What i can tell you is that the show seems particularly crazy, i’m sure there are those out there who could tell us more about the show. Also there’s going to be a Flocked version of Lion, at the increased Hot Topic price of $16.50! That is a little crazy, the newer flocked POPs are nice though .. i got one recently and they have a better feel to them. Glam shots and info coming up!

Steven Universe – Connie #209

Steven Universe Funko POPs

Steven Universe – Peridot #210

Steven Universe – Rose Quartz #211

Steven Universe – Lapis #221

Steven Universe – Lion #213

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