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Specialty Series Wave 12! Gossamer & Shinoa!

We’re finally here, Specialty Series Wave 12! That marks the 1 year anniversary for the Specialty Series.

I was hoping they would do something extra special for the anniversary, but they didn’t mention it sadly! This is the 12 wave of the monthly Specialty Series, where each month they release 1 Dorbz and 1 POP primarily for local stores and small businesses. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s pretty common that Amazon themselves start selling these figures so i wouldn’t quite say their planned worked all that well. But i can’t say i mind too much, as long as i can find these figures to buy then i’m happy.

If you’ve not already pre-ordered yours then don’t worry, they usually announce these many months before release and people jump on the pre-orders. But once they hit general release they’re usually everywhere, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. The POP this time is from Looney Tunes, Funko have been ramping up their Looney Tunes POPs as it was only recently they started with the release of the Michigan J Frog and Bugs Bunny Dorbz. I’m looking forward to more in the future! The Dorbz on the other hand is the Dorbz version of the GameStop exclusive POP, there is two versions of Shinoa one with weapon and one without and i’m sure you can see which this is. Glam shots and info coming up!

Looney Tunes – Gossamer #263 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Specialty Series Wave 12

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign – Shinoa with Weapon #335 (Specialty Series Exclusive)


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Scooby Doo Logo

Funko Specialty Series Wave 11! Scooby Dum & Cybersuit Batman!

Inching ever closer to the year anniversary, will they do something special for it? Perhaps not but we’ll see! Say hello to the Funko Specialty Series Wave 11!

This month with the Specialty Series we have two more fun additions, a hero and an animated favorite. First we have Batman in his Cybersuit, let me look into the minds of Funko fans with this one “another Batman repaint?!”. Yes, it’s another Batman, though i don’t mind too much i know there’s plenty of Funko fans who collect Batman! Though on the other hand i guess with the Specialty Series they could always stick to more unique characters.

Next to him we have Scooby Dum, who is Scooby Doo’s cousin who lives in the somewhat imaginatively named “Hokeyfenokee Swamp”. Know i like this one he’s certainly a character i didn’t think would ever be receiving a POP, he will look great next to my Scooby Doo POPs! I certainly have fond memories of the show and it will undoubtedly be a hit with the legions of Hanna Barbera fans of which Funko has .. many. Glam shots and info coming up!

Scooby Doo – Scooby Dum #254 (Specialty Series Exclusive) $Varied

Funko Specialty Series Wave 11 Scooby Dum

DC Heroes – Cybersuit Batman Dorbz #346 (Specialty Series Exclusive) $Varied

Funko Specialty Series Wave 11 Cybersuit Batman

Notes on where to buy these: I purchase mine either from FPI or WoozyMoo, also make sure to check your local comic shops and ask about them.


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Funko Specialty Series Wave 10! Iceman and Iron Fist!

It’s come around again, Funko Specialty Series Wave 10 is here! That time of month that you might actually look forward to.

Nice to see Iceman returning, it was original thought that he would be in last months Special Series lineup. He was leaked along with Tourist Dave, but it wasn’t to be! Feel free to check out wave 9 right here. Iceman is definitely one of the coolest POPs i’ve seen in a while, and yes that could also be a pun. I like when they add environmental features to POPs, in this case where he’s standing on and next to some ice he’s generated. The closest i have to him so far is the Emma Frost and Iceman Mystery Minis, they both have a kind of silvery sheen to them so i wonder if he will too.

What are your thoughts on these kinds of POPs? I guess you could say since he is just plain and translucent that requires less work and no painting or detail. But it’s fun none the less, we’ll have to see him in person to fully judge him! Alongside is the Dorbz version of Iron Fist, appearing just in time for the release of the Netflix show. I’m certainly excited about it, me and my wife both very much enjoyed Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage so we will be there for the release! Will you? Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel’s X Men – Iceman #218 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Funko Specialty Series Wave 10

Marvel’s Iron Fist – Iron Fist Dorbz #343 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Notes on where to buy: I pre-ordered mine from Forbidden Planet (shipping them from UK to USA), but you can also check out Woozy Moo who are based in the USA. Woozy Moo are slightly cheaper as long as you get the $50+ free delivery.


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Funko Specialty Series Wave 9! Trap Jaw and Tourist Dave!

Welcome to Specialty Series Wave 9 where we reveal the new Trap Jaw Funko POP and Tourist Dave Funko Dorbz!

Soon coming up on the year anniversary of the Specialty Series, will something special get released? I wonder. First this month we have Trap Jaw for you, from the Masters of the Universe line. I’m sure i don’t have to tell you that this is an awesome looking POP! The majority of recent MOTU characters have all been released as Dorbz, so i’m glad we get him in full POP form. I’m also hoping for a POP of She Ra, that would be very cool but as they have already done one the best i can hope for is one of her in a different outfit. Secondly we have the first item we’ve seen from the new Despicable Me 3 film! Dave in his tourist outfit, also the first Minion Dorbz. They have a different look to a typical Dorbz, they have a kind of pill shape to their bodies which is interesting. Glam shots and info coming up!

Masters of the Universe – Trap Jaw #487 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Specialty Series Wave 9

Despicable Me 3 – Tourist Dave #323 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Notes on where to buy: This series is mainly for local comic stores so check there first, i always buy mine from Forbidden Planet which i did this morning! (pre order) also Woozy Moo should have them up sometime soon if you want to buy from the USA instead of UK.

Update: This article has been updated, it was originally thought that Iceman would be in wave 9 but it seems he is part of wave 10. So be excited for next month!


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Funko Specialty Series Wave 7! Batgirl & Vault Boy!

Welcome to the Funko Specialty Series Wave 7! Funko’s monthly products for the smaller businesses!

Well i say smaller businesses as that is their purpose according to Funko, but it’s not unknown for them to be sold by Amazon which we saw last month. But regardless what we have for you this month is DC and Fallout themed! Personally i’m excited for the Fallout Dorbz, the glow in the dark feature on this one looks pretty awesome! And Fallout is always a hit as it has a pretty big fan-base, but of course, not as big as Batman. Or should i say .. Batgirl .. it should have joint appeal, though there are those who collect Batman POPs only. You can usually get these guys from your local comic book store, though my go to place for them is forbidden planet which is surprising as they are based in the UK! But their prices are good and shipping is reliable. Glam shots and info coming up!

DC Heroes – Classic Batgirl #148 (Specialty Series Exclusive)


Fallout – GITD Adamantium Skeleton Vault Boy #263 (Specialty Series Exclusive)


If you would like to buy from FPI the links are below
Batgirl £9.99 – Click me to buy!
Vault Boy £8.99 – Click me to buy!


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Funko Specialty Series Wave 6! Emma Frost & Cosmo!

Another day, another update, this time the new Funko Specialty Series Wave 6!

The specialty series is still going, and it is going strong! This announcement celebrates the 6 month anniversary of the Specialty Series, so raise a glass to this extra tug on your wallets and obsessions. This months specialty series contains, as usual, a Funko POP and a Funko Dorbz. But we have a returning visitor, Cosmo the Dog! You may remember previously there was a POP of Cosmo in the Specialty Series, but i guess they decided we needed a Dorbz to join them. Alongside Cosmo we have Emma Frost, the icy vixen from Marvel’s X Men continuing the X Men resurgence we have been seeing which i’m sure everyone is loving. Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel’s X Men – Emma Frost #184 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Funko Specialty Series Wave 6 Marvel X Men Emma Frost POP 184

Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmo the Dog #204 (Specialty Series Exclusive)


Note: To purchase Specialty Series POPs, just pop down to your local comic store or smaller online retailer to grab them! They should be able to help you out, never hurts to ask! They may be nice enough to order them in for you.


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Funko Specialty Series Wave 5! Quickdraw & Moana!

Funko is keeping on with their monthly (but not quite) specialty series with the new Funko Specialty Series Wave 5 announced today!

As tradition with the specialty series, this wave contains one POP and one Dorbz. First we have El Kabong! A sure hit for any Hanna-Barbera fans! A variant on Quick Draw McGraw. Second we have a new Moana Dorbz to add to the .. large .. list of existing Moana Dorbz and POPs, they sure are going all out with Moana! Glam shots and info coming up.

Hanna Barbera – El Kabong #167 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Funko Specialty Series Wave 5

Disney’s Moana – Young Moana Dorbz #196 (Specialty Series Exclusive)



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Funko Specialty Series Wave 4! Casey Jones & Batman!

Two new specialty items from Funko have been announced, Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Funko POP! (You may have seen him in the latest TMNT film played by Stephen Amell who you may remember from The Green Arrow on the CW!)  and Batman Blackest Night Dorbz! These items are only available and sold […]

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Funko Specialty Series Update! They Keep Coming!

Here is an update on the Funko Specialty Series for you!

Each specialty series comes with one POP and one Dorbz. at least it has done so far! The fourth specialty series announcement should be only a week away so here’s an update on what we’ve seen so far! The specialty series was released apparently to help smaller businesses / comic book shops to attract more customers by giving them something the larger retailers aren’t allowed to have. These are meant to be announced on a monthly basis, but that has been very sporadic so far ! About 5 weeks to 2 months between announcements.

Specialty Series Part 1
Announced: May 26th
Release Date: August 2016

Disney – Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmo #167

Funko Specialty Series

Disney – Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy – Howard the Duck #183


Specialty Series Part 2
Announced: July 7th 2016
Release Date: October 2016

DC – Golden Age Batman #140


DC – The Flash – #182


Specialty Series Part 3
Announced: August 4th 2016
Release Date: October 2016

Disney – Star Wars – Max Rebo #160


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