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FYE Exclusive Monterey Jimi Hendrix Funko POP! Out Now!

In keeping with the fire theme this time something from the Rocks line, it’s the FYE Exclusive Monterey Jimi Hendrix Funko POP! Update: June 26th, back in stock! Rocks – Monterey Jimi Hendrix #53 (FYE Exclusive) $14.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 3.5% cash back at FYE by going through eBates […]

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Woodstock. Brand New Funko POP Rocks! Coming June!

Satisfy your appetite for some old school rock or maybe something a little newer with the Brand New Funko POP Rocks!

A surprise addition with Justin Bieber, the other two we had a teaser of back in January at the London Toy Fair (Click me to see) where Funko showed off their concept art. Perhaps we’ll be getting more POP Rocks of current artists, i know we have plenty of POPs for dead ones! When it comes to Jimi Hendrix this will be one of 3 POPs of him, there was a Purple Haze POP quite a long time ago (Yes he’s expensive) and this year they’re adding two more. The first one below is the Woodstock version and the other we have an article here about (Click me), which is an awesome one of him burning his guitar in Monterey (A definite must have). Secondly we have Joey Ramone, he will be joining Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone who are also from the early ages of Funko. What are your thoughts on these POPs, any artists you’re looking forward to in future? Glam shots and info coming up!

POP Rocks – Woodstock Jimi Hendrix #54

Brand New Funko POP Rocks

POP Rocks – Joey Ramone #55

POP Rocks – Justin Bieber #56


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Jimi Hendrix and Joey Ramone Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Part 2 of our London Toy Fair series features new additions to the POP! Rocks line with the Jimi Hendrix and Joey Ramone Funko POPs!

Always nice to see new additions to the POP Rocks line, the most recent one i got was the awesome Amy Winehouse. It’s a nice tribute to brilliant musicians who’ve passed, or a way to make money! Not that every POP Rocks is of someone who has died. The line is known often for having many rare and valuable POPs in it, this leads people to believe that maybe Rocks releases are on a smaller scale. There’s nothing to confirm this one way or the other, though if something sells well then Funko will usually keep it going. Any thoughts on these POPs? Shots and info coming up!

POP Rocks – Jimi Hendrix #?

Jimi Hendrix and Joey Ramone Funko POPs

POP Rocks – Joey Ramone #?


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Guns N’ Roses Funko POPs! Coming December!

Welcome to the jungle! The Funko jungle that is .. today we’re welcoming the upcoming Guns N’ Roses Funko POPs!

It’s always exciting when they add new POPs to the Rocks line, i think the limited nature makes them more sought after than usual. People are always telling me about how they missed out on a Rocks POP they really wanted. More recently it was Amy Winehouse and Lemmy and how they were having trouble finding them. I guess it’s unusual for the market not to be flooded with every POP, but for the Rocks line you have to be in there .. kind of .. early if you want them. With a band such as Guns N Roses they are sure to be a hit, they are some pretty awesomely designed POPs. As i’m sure you can see in the images below they have a lot of extra touches compared to the usual POPs, such as detailed outfits and multiple accessories. Glam shots and info coming up!

Guns N’ Roses – Axl Rose #50

Guns N' Roses Funko POPs Axl Rose 50

Guns N’ Roses – Slash #51


Guns N’ Roses – Duff McKagan #52



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