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Gritty Drama. Dark Knight Returns Funko POPs! Out Now!

Get read for some square jaw breaking action with the last 2 in the set from the Dark Knight Returns Funko POPs, hitting local stores near you now!

Well as good as anyway, you may have trouble finding these in some areas as they were delayed for quite some time! They were originally meant to be released alongside the rest of the figures in the line but they were pushed back for an unknown reason, i should be getting mine hm .. very soon! I got the dispatched notification from the place i pre-ordered them a couple of days ago. Anyone else planning on getting these guys? You may notice from the POPs in this line that they are very square jawed and rugged looking, you will know why this is if you’ve seen the comics. It’s a darker tale and the characters are all aged and worn down, i’m also glad they added Carrie Kelley she’s definitely a nice addition. What are your thoughts? Glam shots and info coming up!

Batman: Dark Knight Returns – Superman #114 (PX Previews Exclusive)

Dark Knight Returns Funko POPs

Batman: Dark Knight Returns – Carrie Kelley as Robin #115 (PX Previews Exclusive)


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PX Previews Exclusive Superman Funko POP! First Look!

Come get a little pic at the just released PX Previews Exclusive Superman Funko POP! Here we have the first look at this latest PX exclusive, this figure is part of a set from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. In total there are 7 figures in this set! The first five were released a few weeks […]

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New Marvel PX Preview Exclusive Funko POPs! Coming Early 2017!

Time for a little news on the upcoming diamond line, with some Marvel PX Preview Exclusive Funko POPs! The 5 POPs you see below are all PX Previews exclusive POPs, so that of course means if you want them you’re either going to have to A; pop to your local comic book store and pre-order them […]

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Crush Your Enemies. Conan The Barbarian Funko POPs! Coming November!

What is best in life? The new Conan The Barbarian Funko POPs? Maybe .. just maybe.

To go with our Red Sonja POPs announcement are the new Conan the Barbarian POPs. Would they make a good couple or rivals? I wonder. They would certainly make a fearsome duo that’s for sure. We previewed the PX exclusives earlier this month, but this is the first time we’ve seen the basic POP. If you want any of the PX Previews make sure to pre-order them soon! Just stop by your local comic shop, or your favorite online POP shop to grab them. Glam shots and info coming up!

Conan the Barbarian #381

Conan The Barbarian Funko POPs

Bloody Conan the Barbarian #381 (PX Previews Exclusive)

Bloody Conan The Barbarian Funko POP PX Previews Exclusive

War Paint Conan the Barbarian #381 (PX Previews Exclusive)

War Paint Conan The Barbarian Funko POP PX Previews Exclusive


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Red Sonja Funko POPs! Coming November!

Here’s an update on the Red Sonja Funko POPs for you!

You may remember in a post a few weeks ago we announced the upcoming PX Previews exclusive Conan and Red Sonja Funko POPs (i’ll link it in the read more section). Well now thanks to Funko we have glam shots for the full line! Before we only had a preview of the Exclusives. Now we can see Red Sonja in all her glory, i think you’ll agree .. she’s pretty awesome. I feel they did quite a good job with her design. They got her signature red hair just right! Glam shots and info coming up!

Red Sonja #158

Red Sonja Funko POP

Bloody Red Sonja #158 (PX Previews Exclusive)

Bloody Red Sonja Funko POP PX Previews Exclusive


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First Look at Red Sonja & Conan Funko POPs!

We previewed them before with their concept art, but today you get your first actual look at Red Sonja & Conan Funko POPs! Now we finally get to see their glam shots! And they look plenty awesome, especially Red Sonja! Though it depends on who you prefer, i know there are plenty of Conan fans out […]

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PX Previews Exclusive Red Sonja and Conan Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Some exciting news for the Conan fans out there! Conan the barbarian than is, not O’Brien .. anyway, coming to you early next year are the PX Previews Exclusive Red Sonja and Conan Funko POPs! Two awesome Conan POPs have just been revealed, one is the bloody variant and the other is the war paint variant. […]

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PX Previews Gold Iron Fist Funko POP! Coming Next Year!

Here’s a preview of a POP that should be coming out at the next Free Comic Book Day! The Gold Iron Fist Funko POP! Probably the earliest we’ve had a POP glam shot coming out compared to it’s release date, as FCBD is quite a ways off still! But you can get your pre-orders with PX […]

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Preacher Exclusives Soon! GameStop, Hot Topic and PX Previews

Preacher Exclusives are coming soon ! Aside from the regular 3 Preacher POPs, there will be 3 more coming to stores (all exclusives). The first will be a Preacher Jesse POP, the second a Bloody Cassidy POP and the third is a Tulip POP. Look below for the glam shots!

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