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How Many Planets? Valerian Funko POPs! Coming June!

Come and join the hype train and get your hands on the upcoming Valerian Funko POPs!

Well if you haven’t seen poster after trailer after advert for this film, then count yourself lucky! To say there’s a hype train around this film is an understatement, from what i’ve seen it could be interesting. At least the source material has a lot of merit, but i’m sure you know by now you can’t tell anything from a trailer. The trailer is .. very basic, all it does is just tick all the cliche boxes for a hyped up movie. Has anyone here read the source material? Feel free to comment! Or just in general if you have opinions on this movie. I’ll most definitely be seeing it, it’s a very colorful and vast science fiction world which looks very promising. It also has Cara Delevingne playing Laureline who i’m fond of, i thought she was awesome as the Enchantress in Suicide Squad.

As for the POPs, well it’s an interesting selection. I’ll definitely be getting Laureline as she seems pretty cool, i like the hair they did on her .. i wonder how it will look in person. Aside from that we have a first in the Funko world, 2 chases for a POP. Yes you heard that right, they both have a 1 in 6 chance so .. in every box of 6 Doghan there will be 4 commons and 2 Chases. I’m not sure what the reasoning is, perhaps he’s cute (comedic relief) in the film and they’re making him the mascot similar to Niffler from Fantasic Beasts? We’ll have to wait and see about any exclusives closer to the date, i’m hoping to see variants of the main characters in some more interesting and animated poses. Glam shots and info coming up!

Valerian – Valerian #437

Valerian Funko POPs

Valerian – Laureline #438

Valerian – Doghan Daguis #439

Valerian – Doghan Daguis with Purse [Chase 1] #439

Valerian – Doghan Daguis with Camera [Chase 2] #439

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Defenders. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Funko POPs! Out Now!

Looking forward to seeing more Marvel from Netflix, and no better way to celebrate that than with the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Funko POPs!

I know personally i’ve loved all the Marvel series coming from Netflix so far, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist! What are your opinions on them? With so many shows in progress it means sadly it takes some time to get the second season of them out, but i’m very excited for Jessica Jones Season 2 coming next year. It’s hard to say really, but Jessica Jones and Daredevil are probably my personal favorites .. so far that is. With Defenders coming later this year that could certainly change, but knowing Netflix every season will be just as awesome as the last. I still haven’t got this Jessica Jones POP just yet and it’s on my list so hopefully i can grab her soon, hopefully they do a variant of her sometime in her classic outfit from the original comic like they did with Luke Cage. Glam shots and info coming up!

Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones #162

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Funko POPs

Jessica Jones – Luke Cage #163


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Morrowind. Elder Scrolls Online Funko POPs! Coming June!

Go back in time with a new update to the hit online MMO, your friends have returned with the new Elder Scrolls Online Funko POPs!

What’s this, it’s already been two years? Yes they first released the original POPs for The Elder Scrolls Online back in June 2015, and coincidentally the Morrowind expansion pack is coming on the 6th of June this year! I’m sure those who’ve played the classic game already know who these characters are, way before Skyrim and Oblivion there was Morrowind. This was really the game that brought this kind of play-style into the mainstream, the first two games didn’t do too bad but Elder Scrolls 3 is where it all really started for the line. Any fans of the old game here? I wonder.

Though they’re not just randomly bringing these characters back from the dead, they’re adding a Morrowind expansion to the online game. Though i’ve never played it, as far as i know you will be able to meet characters and explore towns and the islands that all featured in the original. All very exciting for those who love the game! I’m happy for them. Regardless, onto the POPs, there are 3 in the line so far. But we already have details about an exclusive in the line, Vivec will have a variant that will only be available from your “friends” at GameStop. Glam shots and info coming up!

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Naryu #219

Elder Scrolls Online Funko POPs

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Warden #220

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Vivec #221


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Guilty Remnant. The Leftovers Funko POPs! Coming June!

Come and grab your favorite character from HBO’s intriguing show with the upcoming Leftovers Funko POPs!

The show apparently starts off at a point 3 years later from an even where 2% of the worlds population disappeared, around 140 million people they say. That would be dramatic but i don’t think the world would implode from that happening, if it was the other way around and only 2% were left? Then yes it probably would! Though the show does sound interesting, i’m usually a fan of HBO shows and it has a good cast. Anyone here a fan of the show? It seems to have some conspiracy elements too which can be fun. They mention on the wiki page that the event seriously effects religions which causes a decline in attendance, people start creating cults and moving more towards that way of thinking.

So far we are getting 3 POPs in the line, that can certainly change around release day but not every show can have exclusives and Chases i suppose. Funko usually does’t announce the exclusives and Chase figures early on so we’ll have to wait and see on that front! Any top characters missing from this lineup? Glam shots and info coming up!

The Leftovers – Kevin #463

Leftovers Funko POPs

The Leftovers – Patti #464

The Leftovers – Matt #465


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Woodstock. Brand New Funko POP Rocks! Coming June!

Satisfy your appetite for some old school rock or maybe something a little newer with the Brand New Funko POP Rocks!

A surprise addition with Justin Bieber, the other two we had a teaser of back in January at the London Toy Fair (Click me to see) where Funko showed off their concept art. Perhaps we’ll be getting more POP Rocks of current artists, i know we have plenty of POPs for dead ones! When it comes to Jimi Hendrix this will be one of 3 POPs of him, there was a Purple Haze POP quite a long time ago (Yes he’s expensive) and this year they’re adding two more. The first one below is the Woodstock version and the other we have an article here about (Click me), which is an awesome one of him burning his guitar in Monterey (A definite must have). Secondly we have Joey Ramone, he will be joining Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone who are also from the early ages of Funko. What are your thoughts on these POPs, any artists you’re looking forward to in future? Glam shots and info coming up!

POP Rocks – Woodstock Jimi Hendrix #54

Brand New Funko POP Rocks

POP Rocks – Joey Ramone #55

POP Rocks – Justin Bieber #56


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Target Exclusive Chrome Lightning McQueen Funko POP! Out Now!

Target Exclusive Chrome Lightning McQueen Funko POP ~ Cars 3 – Chrome Lightning McQueen #282 (Target Exclusive) $14.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn cash back at Target and more by going through eBates ($10 gift card for new members) click me! All you have to do is sign up, then go to […]

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Little Black Book. Death Note Funko POPs! Coming May!

See if you have the wits to come up against L with the upcoming Death Note Funko POPs!

Another Manga to Anime adaption that has become quite the hit in the USA, and pretty much everywhere to be honest. I haven’t personally read the Manga but i have seen the live action films and the Anime, also if you didn’t know Netflix are releasing a film adaption of Death Note later this year. It will be interesting to see how it does, but there are already many who are criticizing the trailers and the casting choices. We first saw concept art of these figures back in the London Toy Fair (Click here to see), and nothing much has changed between the concept work and glam shots. But they did add an exclusive, L with Cake at Hot Topic. This particular exclusive is already out! Even though the regular ones aren’t yet, my favorite of the line is probably Ryuk although .. i would of preferred they make him 6″ as he’s definitely not the same height as Yagami. Glam shots and info coming up!

Death Note – Light #216

Death Note Funko POPs

Death Note – Ryuk #217

Death Note – L #218

Death Note – L with Cake #219 (Hot Topic Exclusive) – Click me!


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