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Disney’s The Little Mermaid Funko Pen Toppers & More! Coming Soon!

Increase your writing skill with these new Disney’s The Little Mermaid Funko Pen Toppers including Beauty and the Beast!

What am i saying, writing skill? These are purely for collecting surely, what kind of crazy collector would touch their items! Kidding aside, these are the newest in the Pen Toppers line from Funko. Also it is the first time Disney has had Pen Toppers with Funko, the ever growing Disney Funko relationship! Something else you might notice is that on the side of the pen it says “Super Cute Pen Toppers”, this isn’t something that has happened before. This tells me that Funko is trying to bring their Pen Toppers into their “Super Cute” line. You may remember the “Super Cute” line started with the Disney Plushies. Lastly, the representation of Belle and the Beast is from the original animation, so this isn’t a live action movie tie in. Regardless, what are your thoughts on this and these new products? Glam shots and info coming up!

Beauty and the Beast – Belle Pen Topper

Beauty and the Beast – The Beast Pen Topper

The Little Mermaid – Ariel Pen Topper

Disney's The Little Mermaid Funko Pen Toppers

The Little Mermaid – UrsulaPen Topper


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Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes & Pen Toppers Coming January!

I hope you have an insatiable thirst for these heroes, because the Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes and Pen Toppers are coming!

So what do we have, POPs: Check, Dorbz: Check: Mystery Minis? Check. Now you can add 2 more to the list! It has been a long time since the original Power Rangers POPs which cost a pretty penny right now, but they have come back with a vengeance! Good news for all those morphin fans out there, at first i wasn’t too keen on Pint Size heroes but i’ve grown slightly partial to them. That’s not a good thing, i have way too many Funko products already so i will try not to buy these too! The metallic POPs are a must though, they are awesome. What do you think? Glam shots and info coming up!

Power Rangers – Pint Size Heroes

Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes

Power Rangers – Pen Toppers


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New Funko Horror Collection! Coming This Fall 2016!

A treat for all those who are horror fans, with this upcoming Funko Horror Collection!

Included we have here Dorbz, Pens, Mystery Minis and Mopeez too! First there is a brand new Cthulhu Dorbz to add to your secret Cthulhu collection! He also comes with a chase variant that glows in the dark, with the dorbz line chase variants are always 1 in every 6 so you have a good chance of getting him.

Second with the Dorbz is Chucky from the bride of Chucky film (to go with the latest Hot Topic exclusive bride of Chucky POP!) Last in the Dorbz line is Gizmo and Stripe from Gremlins, they both have the same number (#185) in the glam shots, so i’m not sure if one is a chase or if it’s just an error!

Glam shots and details of all those and more coming up!

Cthulhu #183 – Coming September

Funko Horror Collection

Chase GITD Cthulhu #183 – Coming September


Chucky #184 – Coming September


Gizmo #185 – Coming September


Stripe #185 – Coming September


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