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Disney Seated Sally Funko Pocket POP! Out Now!

Harking back to 2016 we have the Seated Sally Funko Pocket POP! Get your favorite rag doll in pocket form now.

I mention going back to 2016 as you may remember this was released as a POP for NYCC 2016, she was shared with Hot Topic which you can still see here (Click me). Though the Pocket version doesn’t include the cat, which isn’t surprising i suppose as it would be so small and may just fall off. The Pocket POPs line are fairly delicate, which sometimes surprises me as anything attached to your keychain can go through quite the rough life! I will probably try and grab her sometime to add to my (Technically my wife’s) collection sometime, glam shot and info coming up!

Nightmare Before Christmas – Seated Sally Pocket POP

Seated Sally Funko Pocket POP


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Hot Topic Exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas Box! Coming Soon!

Come and see the “Mystery” with the new Hot Topic Exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas Box!

Similarly to the GameStop box, they are also calling this one a “Mystery Box”, where as in both cases the complete contents isn’t random and was revealed way before the actual release. It seems to be the trend now to just label anything that comes in a box a mystery, i suppose it makes it sound more exciting! Regardless you will be seeing below the 3 items contained inside, a POP, a Dorbz and a Pocket POP from the wonferful film by Tim Burton; The Nightmare Before Christmas. On the subject of the Dorbz, the glow in the dark Jack Skellington Dorbz was previously going to be released separately as a limited 1,500 piece. But in their periscope reveal video they said they changed their minds, which is always nice as it leads to less frustrated Funko fans. Glam shots and info coming up!

Update: Released on 21st November 2016!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pull Box (Hot Topic Exclusive) $24.50 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas Box




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Hot Topic Exclusive Dapper Jack Skellington Funko POP! First Look!

Periscope and twitter has revealed the brand new Hot Topic Exclusive Dapper Jack Skellington Funko POP! Links are below for the live stream, there they revealed the Dapper Jack Skellington and also the Lilo & Stitch 3 pack that we previewed a few days ago. Though luckily i don’t have to show a fuzzy low quality […]

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Hot Topic Periscope Reveal! Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Box!

Had enough of Mystery Boxes yet? No? Well good because here’s the new Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Box! This was previewed earlier today on Nerdette from Hot Topic’s weekly periscope stream, where she usually showcases upcoming Funko exclusives and various other merchandise for Hot Topic. This most recent one had an exciting look at the […]

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Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs! Sneak Preview!

Here is a sneak preview of some new Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs! As revealed in the Periscope live stream of the NYCC Exclusives, they showed the back of the box of Sally! The one where she’s sitting down, which revealed upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas POPs! It’s unknown whether they meant to do this. It […]

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Funko Add More to their New Mega POP Plush Line! Coming Soon!

If you thought there were already too many plush, well sorry to say there is more coming! Namely Funko Mega POP Plush! ..  Jumbo plush .. just big? Plush.

This line is to compliment their existing Mopeez and Fabrikations line. They now have a plush line and a Mega Plush line, the mega plush’s are going to be 16″ tall each and sit inside a plastic display box as seen in the pictures below. As far as i know this is the second mega plush wave, with Deadpool and Spider Gwen being in the first wave! Glam shots coming up!

Harley Quinn 16″ Mega POP Plush

Funko Mega Plush

Batman 16″ Mega POP Plush


Santa Jack Skellington 16″ Mega POP Plush


Sally 16″ Mega POP Plush


Jack Skellington 16″ Mega POP Plush


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Hot Topic Exclusive Glow in the Dark Jack Skellington Dorbz! Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming figure! The Hot Topic Exclusive Glow in the Dark Jack Skellington Dorbz! This item appeared on Hot Topics website recently, though it is hidden unless you have the direct link! According to the page it will be an online exclusive, so one would assume you won’t be seeing this […]

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Funko Specialty Series Update! They Keep Coming!

Here is an update on the Funko Specialty Series for you!

Each specialty series comes with one POP and one Dorbz. at least it has done so far! The fourth specialty series announcement should be only a week away so here’s an update on what we’ve seen so far! The specialty series was released apparently to help smaller businesses / comic book shops to attract more customers by giving them something the larger retailers aren’t allowed to have. These are meant to be announced on a monthly basis, but that has been very sporadic so far ! About 5 weeks to 2 months between announcements.

Specialty Series Part 1
Announced: May 26th
Release Date: August 2016

Disney – Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmo #167

Funko Specialty Series

Disney – Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy – Howard the Duck #183


Specialty Series Part 2
Announced: July 7th 2016
Release Date: October 2016

DC – Golden Age Batman #140


DC – The Flash – #182


Specialty Series Part 3
Announced: August 4th 2016
Release Date: October 2016

Disney – Star Wars – Max Rebo #160


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