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A Little Force. Classic Star Wars Funko MyMojis! Coming May!

Looking for a little something extra from the sci fi universe, then the Classic Star Wars Funko MyMojis may be for you!

Funko continues producing its MyMoji line with yet another addition, this time with the traditional Star Wars characters. Though i can’t say i’m a fan of these! What are your impressions on them, any MyMoji collectors here? I purchased a couple from this line not long ago and i wasn’t really impressed with the detail or molding on them, the quality left something to be desired. But i have to assume they are selling well if they continue producing them, maybe they have gotten better in time? The ones i have are from the DC MyMojis. In this line we have 8 different characters ranging from Yoda to Leia, and each has 3 different faces. Glam shot and info coming up!

MyMojis – Classic Star Wars

Classic Star Wars Funko MyMojis

  • Character lineup
    • Wampa
    • Chewbacca
    • Yoda
    • Jabba the Hutt
    • Ewok
    • Darth Vader
    • Princess Leia
    • X Wing Pilot


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Star Wars Logo

May the Face be with You. Star Wars Funko MyMoji! Coming 2017!

Real life emoticons with the Star Wars Funko MyMoji line!

Welcome to the part 37 and the last of our London Toy Fair series. Stay tuned, because the New York Toy Fair series coming up!

Yes, feel free to ignore my terrible pun in the title. What’s that, it’s the best pun ever? Oh why thank you! Kidding. The last in the London Toy Fair line are these Star Wars themed MyMojis, should we call that ending on a high note? I’m not the biggest fan of their MyMoji line, i purchased a few from the DC series not long ago and the quality was pretty bad. Are there any MyMoji collectors out there? What are your opinions on them. Seeing as they’re still making them they must have a few fans out there, if i had to pick my favorite MyMoji line would be the Disney ones. Glam shot and info coming up!

Star Wars – MyMoji

Star Wars Funko MyMoji


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Disney Themed Funko MyMojis! Coming January!

Maybe the boost this line needs? Disney Themed Funko MyMojis coming to you soon!

They’re cute (kind of), they’re round, they’re unnecessary it’s MyMoji from Funko! And this time they are Disney themed. I say it needed a boost because this line hasn’t exactly been doing well, has it? I guess it’s possible MyMojis are doing well in some far off place i haven’t heard of but from what i’ve seen no ones really investing in them in any serious way. I was surprised that they are doing Disney ones, as they do bare a slight resemblance to the TsumTsum that Disney has been exploding onto every shelf it can. Regardless, having Disney in on the MyMojis line can only help, i mean this style is pretty perfect for Mickey Mouse it’s basically the Disney logo in toy form. What do you think? Glam shot and info coming up!

Disney – Funko MyMoji

Disney Themed Funko MyMojis


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Marvel Funko MyMojis and Lanyards! Coming January!

Funko ever increasing their reach with these new Marvel Funko MyMojis and Lanyards!

Come this January Funko is adding Marvel to their MyMojis line, they’re cute i suppose but i’m not exactly a MyMoji collector! If you are then feel free to let us know, and tell us what draws you to them. I was curious about them at first .. but after Pint Size Heroes came out i switched over to them, the Pint Size Heroes are only a dollar more and much better i feel. Secondly there is two more Lanyards being added! These aren’t the first, Funko have quite a range of these official Lanyards now .. i wouldn’t collect them but they seem cool to use if you’re going to Comic Con or some similar event. Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel MyMojis

Marvel Funko MyMojis Lanyards

Marvel Thor Lanyard

Marvel Hulk Lanyard


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