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Comeback King. Pixar’s Cars 3 Funko POPs! Out Now!

It’s been a long time coming but McQueen is back with a vengeance, check out these Cars 3 Funko POPs!

So what do we have here, a new line of POPs where there is more exclusives than commons? Well it had to happen sometime i guess, here we only have 2 POPs for common release and 4 that will be exclusive. From what i know these are all out now as i’ve seen people buying them from each of the stores, but the Target one is the only one that has been online. He’s been in and out of stock a bunch of times, you can click here to see my article on him, if he’s not online just use the store stock checker to find him.

Another first we have in this line as an exclusive at Meijer! One of the many grocery stores in the USA, and one that i’ve never been to. It seems like that may change if i want this exclusive .. hmm .. i’ll think about it, the metallic McQueen is definitely more of a must have. It’s cute that with Guido he’s in a regular POP box instead of the sideways box as he’s only on two wheels, i wonder how he stands up like that, does he have a stand? There also seems to be a gap in the numbering, where’s POP No. 283? Glam shots and info coming up!

Cars 3 – Lightning McQueen #282

Cars 3 Funko POPs

Cars 3 – Metallic Lightning McQueen #282 (Target Exclusive) – Click me!

Cars 3 – Grey Lightning McQueen #282 (Meijer Exclusive)

Cars 3 – Cruz Ramirez #284

Cars 3 – Luigi #285 (Walmart Exclusive)

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Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Yondu Funko Dorbz! Coming May!

Prepare for your monthly dosage with the Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Yondu Funko Dorbz! The guy you’ve always wanted to shine up and see your reflection in. As you may have noticed by now these releases are a monthly occurrence for Hot Topic, since around November 2016 they have been releasing two exclusive Dorbz every month. […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Pink Ranger Funko POP! Out Now!

If you can’t catch this one in the wild, maybe now you can get the Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Pink Ranger Funko POP! She has been appearing here, there and everywhere! Seemingly as elusive as the mystical Metallic Red Ranger. But there’s still plenty of her to go around! She’s out there if you look. And […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Ursula Funko Dobrz! Coming April!

Continuing with the limited figures you can look forward to the Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Ursula Funko Dobrz!

Limited to just 2,000 pieces! Hype alert! Though truth be told, that’s a lot. Zebra Batman Dorbz was limited to 1,500 pieces months ago and he’s still around $20, same as the Voyager Moana Dorbz. But she is metallic .. and Funko collectors, like Magpies do like shiny things! If you don’t know what i’m talking about, i’m referencing the original limited Dorbz they did which was the Metallic Maleficent. She’s going for quite a healthy $50 or so on eBay right now, sadly i never got her. She was gone very fast, but limited Dorbz since then have stayed around for a good amount of time. It was mostly speculators who jumped on the Metallic Maleficent (those wishing to profit), i’m sure the majority of them are sitting in a pile in some guys room trying to sell them all! Regardless i look forward to grabbing Ursula as she seems pretty awesome, and good luck to those who want her! Glam shot and info coming up!

Disney’s The Little Mermaid – Metallic Ursula Dorbz #051 (Hot Topic Exclusive LE 2,000) $9.90 – Click me to see!

Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Ursula Funko Dobrz 51


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Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Red Ranger Funko POP! Out Now!

Keep your shiny collection going with this new Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Red Ranger Funko POP! Probably one of the coolest POPs to come out recently, the Metallic Red Ranger. Just the latest in the line of Metallic Ranger POPs, how is your collection going? For me know i  sadly missed out on the Metallic Green […]

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Fallout Golden Vault Boy Funko POP! Coming November!

Are you a pimp? How about a Pimp-Boy 3 Billion? Well that’s what you’ll get with this new Fallout Golden Vault Boy Funko POP! It’s not sure when this awesome trophy piece will make its way to the US, but you can pre-order him right now from the UK store Forbidden Planet. It’s very possible this will […]

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BAM Exclusive Golden Cthulu Up! Preorder Now! #03

BAM (Books A Million) have just put their newest Exclusive POP up for Pre-order! And he is .. Golden Cthulu! This is obviously going to be a must have for any lovecraft fans! As far as i know he is the 5th Cthulu POP that has been released (1 original and 4 variants) including the EE […]

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