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Walgreens Exclusive Juggernaut Funko POP! Coming March!

Do you know who i am? Get ready for the Walgreens Exclusive Juggernaut Funko POP! Walgreens is hitting up the X Men line with the Juggernaut POP coming soon, and he’s looking pretty awesome. Sure to be a hit with fans of the show and comics alike, i’m wondering what size he will be. At […]

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GameStop Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Funko POP! Out Now

Get your hands on this amazing GameStop Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Funko POP! I say amazing but compared to the regular version of him, it’s not so true. I mean the regular version of him has him boosting in the air with a jet-pack, and for a variant they say let’s remove the jet-pack? I guess it […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Ravager Groot Funko Dorbz! Out Now!

Come get your hands on the newly released Hot Topic Exclusive Ravager Groot Funko Dorbz! If you can..

And that’s a definite if you can, ever since Hot Topic have started making every exclusive Dorbz limited they have been very hard to get. So when i say this is out now i mainly mean that it’s out there, and will come in stock on the website at various undetermined times. There’s still plenty out there, but it’s a false economy they’re creating, they’re trying to create scarcity where there is none. By only putting small amounts of items on the website at a time, it makes the item seem rarer which makes people want it, this way they can sell them all very quickly. They don’t mind if most go on eBay for more money, if they sell 1-2,000 in a few days that’s a big win for them. So good luck! Glam shots and info coming up!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Ravager Baby Groot Dorbz #291 (Hot Topic Exclusive LE 3,000) $9.90 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Ravager Groot Funko Dorbz

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Hot Topic Exclusive Ravager Groot Funko POP! Out Now!

Movie hype? That could never happen! Come get the new Hot Topic Exclusive Ravager Groot Funko POP! I’m sure like me you’re looking forward to this film, and this little one is the first Exclusive to be released for it! Baby Groot, or well some have been calling him Toddler Groot but on any packaging he’s […]

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Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal! Part 2!

Try not to get green with envy for the Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal Part 2!

Much less green this time, but just as much awesomeness. Funko certainly has stepped it up this year, compared to only last years selection at ECCC this is a huge increase! Luckily for most collectors the majority of ECCC figures are not limited, so that means there will be plenty available to grab outside of the convention. Even so, the limited ones are at a number of 3,000 which is a generous amount for sure! Of these the only confirmed shared exclusive so far is Emerald Pharah who will be at GameStop, but Funko will be revealing them all in due time.

Funko has also been including some of their original creations, such as T Bone, El Diablo and their Spastik Plastik Dorbz 3 pack. This will be exciting for old school Funko fans! Hard to pick a favorite, the Stranger Things 2 pack will certainly be popular but for me it has to be the Hong Kong Phooey POP Ride! What about you? It’s a hard choice really, i don’t have any particular nostalgia for any of them. I watched Blue Falcon and Hong Kong Phooey when i was younger and enjoyed them, but not obsessively. Regardless, glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Catch the original live preview from Jon and Yoko right here on Facebook.

Note 2: Funko states that all shared exclusives will be revealed the week of the convention!

Marvel – WW2 Captain America #219 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive)

Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal Part 2

Overwatch – Emerald Pharah #95 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive) (Shared with GameStop)

Blue Falcon & Dynomutt – Blue Falcon #214 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive LE 3,000)

Blue Falcon & Dynomutt – Dynomutt #215 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive LE 3,000)

Star Wars – Muftak #173 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive)


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Funko Specialty Series Wave 9! Trap Jaw and Tourist Dave!

Welcome to Specialty Series Wave 9 where we reveal the new Trap Jaw Funko POP and Tourist Dave Funko Dorbz!

Soon coming up on the year anniversary of the Specialty Series, will something special get released? I wonder. First this month we have Trap Jaw for you, from the Masters of the Universe line. I’m sure i don’t have to tell you that this is an awesome looking POP! The majority of recent MOTU characters have all been released as Dorbz, so i’m glad we get him in full POP form. I’m also hoping for a POP of She Ra, that would be very cool but as they have already done one the best i can hope for is one of her in a different outfit. Secondly we have the first item we’ve seen from the new Despicable Me 3 film! Dave in his tourist outfit, also the first Minion Dorbz. They have a different look to a typical Dorbz, they have a kind of pill shape to their bodies which is interesting. Glam shots and info coming up!

Masters of the Universe – Trap Jaw #487 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Specialty Series Wave 9

Despicable Me 3 – Tourist Dave #323 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Notes on where to buy: This series is mainly for local comic stores so check there first, i always buy mine from Forbidden Planet which i did this morning! (pre order) also Woozy Moo should have them up sometime soon if you want to buy from the USA instead of UK.

Update: This article has been updated, it was originally thought that Iceman would be in wave 9 but it seems he is part of wave 10. So be excited for next month!


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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Rock Candy! Coming February!

Finally the last of the reveals for this film, the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Rock Candy!

So far it seems they have only chosen to do a Rock Candy of Gamora and Mantis, i say so far as when it comes to Funko .. there’s always more can be applied to pretty much everything. It would be nice to have a Nebula Rock Candy too, as far as i’ve seen there has never and probably will never be any male Rock Candy so i doubt anyone else will get one. I can’t say i mind though .. but i am a guy and any females may have a different opinion, overall i’m a fan of the Rock Candy line. I had thought about switching from POPs to Rock Candy as there is less of them to get .. but in a year from now who knows! Glam shots and info coming up!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Gamora Rock Candy

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Rock Candy Gamora

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Mantis Rock Candy

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Rock Candy Mantis


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