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That’s Not All Folks. Looney Tunes Funko Dorbz! Coming 2017!

Funko has no shortage of products for you animation fans, welcome the new Looney Tunes Funko Dorbz! And to part 36, the second to last of our London Toy Fair series!

It’s nice to finally see some Looney Tunes in the Funko line, these Dorbz come straight after the announcement of the Space Jam line. Those may not specifically be called the Looney Tunes line but they may as well be. Looking below makes me wonder, how will Bugs Bunny fit inside a regular Dorbz box? With Dorbz their heads are always pretty close to the top, so i suppose they may just have to make him smaller .. or create a special box for him. So what do you think? Overall i’m pretty excited for this line, but not excited for the inevitable large amount of Chases and Exclusives. Glam shots and info coming up!

Update for the 27th of March 2017: We now have their full glam shots and numbers! Along with images of the upcoming Chases too, one of Bugs Bunny (appropriately) holding a carrot. And then we have the awesome Super Daffy Duck! Also, yes, i am still wondering how Bugs Bunny’s ears fit inside that box.

Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny #305

Looney Tunes Funko Dorbz

Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny with Carrot [Chase] #305

Looney Tunes – Elma Fudd #306

Looney Tunes – Daffy Duck #307

Looney Tunes – Super Daffy Duck [Chase] #307

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