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Sunday Funko Haul 2.0 – What Did i Get This Week?

Welcome to another Sunday Funko Haul post! The second so far.

Here i will try to show, as best as i remember, what i got during the week with photos! This week is coming a little late as i was ill so this is what i got for the week ending the 28th of November! Next week will be coming soon! Here below you’ll see i got 11 items this time, mostly exclusives as i try to stick to exclusives otherwise i would just get way too much. These consist of 8 POPs, 2 dorbz and 1 POP T Shirt. I managed to get lucky with a few exclusives from Walmart and Target and actually managed to find them while i was there! And ones that weren’t destroyed either, they were just hiding at the back for some reason.

Another POP i got was the awesome glitter version of Sailor Moon, i mention this POP in particular as i got 2 of her .. one of which i’m giving away to someone from this blog soon as you guys have been pretty great, so far! Kidding so naturally i want to give back. The specialty series Batman POP and Flash dorbz i pre-ordered a longggg time ago, you really have to pre-order those as soon as they’re announced to get them without the hassle, those i got from Toy Wars but now i use Forbidden Planet for Specialty Series. The last thing i’ll mention is the POP Tee, the third POP Tee i have though this POP Tee is one i’ve been wanting for ages! It’s my favorite design of all of them so i was happy to find it at Target. All photos coming up! Any comments or questions welcome.






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Sunday Funko Haul 1.0 – What Did i Get This Week?

Here is a quick Funko Haul for anyone who’s interested in the Funko products i got during the last week or so!

I got 14 POPs in total, 6 Dorbz and 4 DC Pint Size Heroes. I did receive my Teen Titans POPs below in the mail recently, but they were .. as usual .. all smashed up which is common for Toys R Us. Luckily when i dropped in to Toys R Us they had them all in stock so i traded them out and got much better condition ones. Next i got Venom and Charlie Brown from Walgreens during their Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale, only saw one Peanuts POP that week sadly, first one i’ve seen in my area too!

Also i got my two POPs from FYE in from the NYCC Exclusives along with the Deadshot Dorbz! My Wife has a big thing about Harry Potter, so getting those new Harry Potter Exclusives is a must! Hot Topic is going all out on their HP Exclusives as of late. I luckily managed to pick up the Moana and Zebra Batman Dorbz from the HT website, those are both limited to 1,500 so they were a must buy for me. This was also the first time i’ve purchased any Pint Size Heroes, i was buying a bunch of other things from HT so i thought why not, and they fairly cute i suppose. I would never pay Hot Topics full price for them though, $5.95 for such a small thing? It’s common that’s what i pay for POPs let alone tiny miniatures. So i’ll probably get them only on sale.

Feel free to take a look at anything else! Any questions are welcome, there’s an item from the Legion of Collectors box too so don’t look unless you’ve opened yours or don’t mind spoilers!

Funko Haul 1

Funko Haul 2

Funko Haul 3

Funko Haul 4

Funko Haul 5


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