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Barnes and Noble ECCC Exclusive Great Gazoo Funko Dorbz Ridez! Out Now!

Barnes and Noble ECCC Exclusive Great Gazoo Funko Dorbz Ridez ~ The Flintstones – The Great Gazoo Dorbz Ridez #28 (ECCC 2017 / Barnes & Noble Exclusive) $24.95 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 3.0% cash back at Barnes & Noble by going through eBates ($10 gift card for new members) click […]

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Funko Shop Exclusive George Jetson Dorbz Ridez! Out Now!

Their latest exclusive adding another to The Jetsons line it’s the Funko Shop Exclusive George Jetson Dorbz Ridez! The fourth Dorbz item in the Jetsons line, only Elroy and Astro to go! I was hoping they would have all been released on the shop by now, as i wanted to buy them all at once to […]

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Funko Shop Exclusive The Jetsons Dorbz! Out Now!

You’re fired! No .. make that on fire, with excited for the upcoming Funko Shop Exclusive The Jetsons Dorbz!

I know what you’re thinking, what a great segue that was! Kidding. Funko releases a new exclusive to the Funko Shop every Wednesday, and you’d be right in thinking .. today is Wednesday. You’re exclusive treat for today is a pack of 3 Dorbz from The Jetsons, this is the first time the classic Hanna Barbera show has graced the Funko world. You may have noticed Funko has been going all out on the HB front! Hanna Barbera products here, there and everywhere. I’m not hugely into them, but i know many who are so i’m excited for them. Another first is that this listing comprises of 3 separate Dorbz, instead of being in a 3 pack or otherwise. This certainly saves you money than if they released them seperately, on their crazy shipping charges. My favorite of the bunch has to be Judy! She’s pretty awesome .. the hair especially. Maybe next we’ll see George, Astro and Spacely? What do you think. Glam shots and info coming up!

The Jetsons Pack of 3 Funko Dorbz (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 4,000) $29.99 – Click me to buy!

The Jetsons – Rosie Robot #274 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 4,000)

Funko Shop Exclusive The Jetsons Dorbz Rosie Robot 274

The Jetsons – Judy Jetson #275 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 4,000)

The Jetsons – Jane Jetson #276 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 4,000)

3215 Left in Stock as of posting.


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Funko Shop Exclusive Wally Gator Dorbz 4 Pack! Out Now!

Make sure your friends know who has the most variants with this new Funko Shop Exclusive Wally Gator Dorbz 4 Pack!

Better yet stick this with your Batmans and Lil Gruesome 8 Pack. Kidding aside, this is only the latest in the line of Dorbz packs Funko has done that feature different colored variants. The green Wally Gator Dorbz from a while ago is still on the store, and i doubt it will sell out anytime soon! Usually they make these colored Dorbz variants to match POP variants, so let’s see. We have a green and blue POP already, with my prediction power i’m seeing an orange, pink and light blue Wally Gator POP in our future. What do you think? I’m not a fan of these, but i know there is a community of Funko collectors who love anything Hanna Barbera so i’m more than happy for them to get these releases. Glam shot and info coming up!

Hanna Barbera – Wally Gator Dorbz 4 Pack (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 1,000) $29.99 – Click me to buy! ~ 675 Left in Stock!

Funko Shop Exclusive Wally Gator Dorbz 4 Pack

Money Saving Tips: Nothing i can give you here sadly, Funko Shop doesn’t do coupons, cashback or anything like that. Only thing i can say is try and combine shipping wherever possible! Shipping is a flat rate of $6.95 no matter how much (or little) you buy.


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Snagglepuss Coming Your Way! New Hanna Barbera Funko POPs Arriving Dec!

Come have a taste of the new Hanna Barbera Funko POPs!

If you’re one of the many Hanna Barbera fans out there, this may interest you a little. And by a little i mean a lot! Hanna Barbera products are a staple in the Funko line, and have been for many years. The rarer ones are continuously some of the harder to find as Hanna Barbera has some loyal fans, and when you combine that with the Funko fandom, then well .. this happens. I’m sure you can all agree these new POPs are pretty awesome, hard to pick my favorite .. but it may have to be Touche Turtle! What’s your favorite? I wonder. On another note, it seems the chases for these will be 1 in 6 which is a welcome change that Funko has been doing recently by adopting the same chase rate as the Dorbz. This makes it less frustrating (and expensive) for fans to get the Chase they want. Glam shots and info coming up!

Hanna Barbera – Atom Ant #166

Hanna Barbera Funko POPs Atom Ant 166

Hanna Barbera – Snagglepuss #168


Hanna Barbera – Snagglepuss [Chase] #168


Hanna Barbera – Wally Gator #169


Hanna Barbera – Wally Gator [Chase] #169


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