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GameStop Exclusive Jack O Chica Funko POP! Out Now!

GameStop Exclusive Jack O Chica Funko POP! Out Now! ~ Five Nights at Freddy’s – Jack O Chica #206 (GameStop Exclusive) $11.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 2.5% cash back at GameStop by going through eBates ($10 gift card for new members) click me! All you have to do is sign up, […]

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Path to Paradise. Alien Covenant Funko POPs! Coming June!

We’re going back into space for some more melt your face alien action with the upcoming Alien Covenant Funko POPs!

Just released in the cinema last week, the sequel to the 2012 hit Prometheus. Well .. i say hit, it did very well but there were quite a few critics. Regardless of a few bad reviews know i personally really enjoyed it, at the time i didn’t think they would make a sequel. But here we are 5 years later and it’s here! Now even with the word “Alien” in the title, because it is of course a prequel to the Alien films way before the time of Ellen Ripley. But don’t worry if you’re a Ripley fan, know Funko has you covered there too with an awesome Ripley Rock Candy that’s coming soon.

Keeping with the female protagonist theme from the original Alien films, Katherine Waterston is our leading lady here. And if you’ve seen the film you’ll know they took a lot of cues from Ripley here, just check out this image and you’ll see the similarities straight away (Click me)! The main two POPs in this line aren’t really exciting me, they’re fairly generic i’ll definitely have to see the film first before deciding to buy those. But i am liking the face hugger POP! Who doesn’t want a cute face hugging friend in their family? Feel free to comment with any and all opinions you have. Glam shots and info coming up!

Alien Covenant – David #428

Alien Covenant Funko POPs

Alien Covenant – Daniels #429

Alien Covenant – Xenomoprh #430

Alien Covenant – GITD Bloody Xenomorph #430 (GameStop Exclusive) – Click me!

Alien Covenant – Oram with Facehugger #432 (Hot Topic Exclusive) $12.50 – Click me!


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Five Nights at Freddy’s Wave 2 Funko Mystery Minis! Out Now!

Probably not the best choice for an enemy, you definitely want these guys on your side. It’s the now released Five Nights at Freddy’s Wave 2 Funko Mystery Minis!

The game that sounds like you’re staying with a creepy uncle called Freddy for the week, but no it’s a time management horror game that kids seem to love! I know when i have kids i definitely want them to be obsessed with creepy animatronics that come to life and eat children, what fun. Adding on to the previous two lines of Mystery Minis, though they kind of ruled out the GITD as the second wave so we’ll call that wave 1.5. This line seems like it will be a real nightmare for collectors to complete, not only do you have 3 store exclusives (count that 4 really as you have to find the original ones too) but each one will have rarer figures possibly up to 1 in 36 chance. When you combine those two together then that’s when the real fun starts! Good luck to all those who want to complete this line, it will be an accomplishment for sure. Glam shots and info coming up!

Mystery Minis – Five Nights at Freddy’s Wave 2

Five Nights at Freddy's Wave 2 Funko Mystery Minis

GameStop Exclusives – Plush Trap, Withered Bonnie and Golden Freddy.

Walmart Exclusives – Jump-scare Baby, Jump-scare Funtime Freddy and Jump-scare Ballora.

Toys R Us Exclusives – Jump-scare Foxy, Jump-scare Bidybab and Stacked Minieenas.


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Wise as Athena. Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko POPs! Out Now!

Enter the world of Power, Grace, Wisdom and Wonder with the now released Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko POPs!

I’m sure like many you’re excited about the upcoming release of the newest addition to the DC Universe (me included), it is of course Wonder Woman! Coming to a screen near you on June the 2nd if you’re in the US, though if you live elsewhere in the world you may have already seen it. Early impressions seem to be quite good, though the Shanghai and eastern market do have quite different tastes so we will see! Also it just so happens that it is releasing on my birthday, perhaps i will be there on release day or .. maybe i will wait for a less crowded day which is usually best.

We have links at the end of the article if you want to see the regular non exclusive POPs and Rock Candy, but this article will fill you in on every exclusive that has been or will be released. Including the Legion of Collectors Box! So don’t continue if you haven’t received or opened yours yet (though you should have by now!). Each figure below i have linked either to the product page, or the article here detailing all the info and links you need to buy them. The majority still have plenty in stock! Though some pre-orders have sold out such as the Entertainment Earth one, but that will be everywhere after release so don’t worry.

What is your favorite from the line? I wonder. For me it’s hard to say, i do love her in her full armor and especially the Rock Candy which would usually win it for me. But i have to pick the GameStop exclusive Diana in her blue dress which is a gorgeous POP that i already own luckily, it’s very striking and i can say the same for Gal Gadot in that section of the film! Glam shots and info coming up!

Wonder Woman Movie – Wonder Woman with Shield #175 (Walmart Exclusive) – Click me!

Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko POPs

Wonder Woman Movie – Diana Prince #176 (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) – Click me!

Wonder Woman Movie – Wonder Woman in Blue Dress #177 (GameStop Exclusive) – Click me!

Wonder Woman Movie – Wonder Woman Amazoness #178 (Hot Topic Exclusive) – Click me!

Wonder Woman Movie – Wonder Woman with Sword & Shield (Hot Topic Exclusive) – Click me!

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Hello Traveler. Borderlands Wave 2 Funko POPs! Coming June!

You may need a few friends when entering the wasteland, and who better than the upcoming Borderlands Wave 2 Funko POPs!

We saw concept work on these POPs back in March and today we finally get to see the full glam shots, and luckily they look as awesome as i’d hoped. I have a slight fondness for Borderlands, i’ve only played the first game though and that certainly wasn’t to completion. Mainly because there’s just so many games and so little time, especially when you get older! But the whole style, cell shaded graphics and all definitely appeals to me.

Aside from the design as a whole you have characters like Lilith and Mad Moxxi who are just awesome, i’ve said before but my favorite from this line in particular is Tiny Tina. She has a great design on her, from the mask off to the side, and the little bunny which is all very cute. Also the head on Zer0 is pretty cool, the big digitized zero on their head is pretty striking. The one POP in this line that wasn’t mentioned before is the Commando Claptrap who’s exclusive to GameStop, if you click the link below you’ll see all the details on purchasing him. Glam shots and info coming up!

Borderlands – Emperor Claptrap #208

Borderlands Wave 2 Funko POPs

Borderlands – Lilith #209

Borderlands – Zer0 #210

Borderlands – Tiny Tina #211

Borderlands – Commando Claptrap #212 (GameStop Exclusive) – Click me!


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Monster Appetite. Attack on Titan Wave 2 Funko POPs! Coming June!

Relive that favorite time in your life when titans munched on little people for breakfast, it is of course the Attack on Titan Wave 2 Funko POPs!

Yes the second wave of POPs from this line is finally out, it’s taken a while but it was worth it don’t you think? From first impressions they are all pretty awesome, especially the titans! I think those two are a must have, that means we have 3 out of the 4 titans as 6 inch now. Sadly they didn’t release Eren Jaeger as a 6 inch titan back in wave 1, perhaps they will release him again? That is probably wishful thinking, but he is going to look out of place being the only small one. My favorite from the line is probably the Female Titan but .. Sasha is a pretty cute POP, what are your thoughts? Unless they release more at SDCC this year, this is probably the entire line that will be released for AoT this year. That includes the 3 exclusives listed below, which are all now on sale. Glam shots and info coming up!

Attack on Titan – 6″ Female Titan #233

Attack on Titan Wave 2 Funko POPs

Attack on Titan – 6″ Armored Titan #234

Attack on Titan – Levi Ackerman #235

Attack on Titan – Annie Leonhart #236

Attack on Titan – Armin Arlelt #237 (FYE Exclusive) $14.99


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GameStop Exclusive Destiny Atheon Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

GameStop Exclusive Destiny Atheon Funko POP ~ Destiny 2 – Atheon #241 (GameStop Exclusive) $11.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 2.5% cash back at GameStop by going through eBates ($10 gift card for new members) click me! All you have to do is sign up, then go to the GameStop page at eBates […]

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