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Target Exclusive Cassian Andor Funko POP! Out Now

The Target Exclusive Cassian Andor Funko POP has been released! In our earlier post we mentioned him along side Jyn Erso from Target, but he hadn’t yet been released. Well now he has! And we have a link for him, see below for glam shots and info! Star Wars: Rogue One – Captain Cassian Andor #151 […]

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Target Exclusive Jyn Erso Funko POP! Out Now!

Ready for more? Never! Here comes the Target Exclusive Jyn Erso Funko POP! And technically the Target Exclusive Captain Cassian Andor too, but he hasn’t appeared on the website yet for some reason! So his release is currently unknown. But as for Jyn she is on the website, and should hopefully be in stores soon! You […]

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Walmart Exclusive Saw Gererra Funko POP! Out Now!

Up next is the Walmart Exclusive Gererra & Death Trooper Funko POPs! Walmart, everyone’s favorite place to find Funko POP exclusives, of course! Who doesn’t love Walmart? .. Anyways, as of this post only Saw Gererra has become available on the Walmart webiste, and from what i’ve seen he should be on the shelves in the […]

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GameStop Exclusive Force Choke Darth Vader Funko POP! Out Now!

The second of today’s special releases, the GameStop Exclusive Force Choke Darth Vader Funko POP! Look no further than GameStop for this one, similar to Hot Topic they are also doing a single Rogue One Exclusive. Though this one does have to be one of the coolest, i mean it’s Darth Vader in an awesome pose! […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Hooded Jyn Erso Funko POP! Out Now!

Look out for the brand new Hot Topic Exclusive Hooded Jyn Erso Funko POP! As it’s Force Friday we can expect to see all the exclusives out today, if not then what are you thinking guys? Anyway, this is the first exclusive to come out so far. You can grab her right now! Feel free to […]

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Force Friday is Upon Us! Spending Spree Time?

It’s finally Force Friday! Now you can buy all of those Rogue One Funko POPs you’ve been waiting for! The majority of the Rogue One Funko POPs should be released today at your favorite retailer, whether that is Hot Topic, Walmart, Target and so on. Below i will list some details that will help you get your […]

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