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Hot Topic Exclusive Ravager Groot Funko POP! Out Now!

Movie hype? That could never happen! Come get the new Hot Topic Exclusive Ravager Groot Funko POP! I’m sure like me you’re looking forward to this film, and this little one is the first Exclusive to be released for it! Baby Groot, or well some have been calling him Toddler Groot but on any packaging he’s […]

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A Storm is Coming. Donnie Darko Funko Dorbz! Coming 2017!

I hope you believe in time travel, prepare for the upcoming Donnie Darko Funko Dorbz!

Welcome to part 19 of our London Toy Fair series!

Everyone’s favorite early 00’s film that made no sense, the go to movie if you wanted to be thoroughly confused! Well that’s what many would say, it’s more of a film that you take what you want from, everyone can make their own conclusions and get something different out of it. Know i certainly enjoyed the film, what about you? We have the early designs for Donnie in his Halloween costume with a skeleton theme, alongside his charming rabbit friend, or Frank we may call him. I’m seeing a good oppurtunity to make a flocked Dorbz with Frank, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did! Concept work and info coming up!

Donnie Darko – Skeleton Suit Darko #?

Donnie Darko Funko Dorbz

Donnie Dark – Rabbit Suit #?


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Pee Wee Herman Funko Dorbz! Coming June!

Get ready for a big adventure with the upcoming Pee Wee Herman Funko Dorbz!

Welcome to part 16 of our London Toy Fair series!

Your favorite 80’s character is finally getting a figure of their own, not a POP but a Dorbz! For now .. maybe he will get a POP in the future. I’m sure most people remember this character whether you’re from the USA or not, he’s has many shows and films .. most kid friendly and some not so kid friendly. This is because he started off doing a more adult orientated show, the child friendly stuff came later. Are you excited for this Dorbz? I wonder. He comes with his iconic grey suit and red bow tie, a Dorbz or POP ride with him on his Bicycle would be pretty awesome for sure. Glam shot and info coming up!

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday – Pee Wee Herman Funko Dorbz 304?

Pee Wee Herman Funko Dorbz

Update: A full glam of his Dorbz is now available!


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Power Rangers The Movie Funko POPs! Out Now!

Teleport to us five overbearing and over-emotional humans, oh no! It’s Power Rangers The Movie Funko POPs!

Not Teenagers! Yes, that’s the infamous opening line from the first Power Rangers episode. I’ve shown you photos of these guys before, but today Funko has graces us with the official announcement of these POPs along with their glams. But wait .. there’s more! You also get to get your hands on Keychain versions of them all, ok .. that’s not very exciting. But what is exciting is the Rita Repulsa POP, definitely my favorite of the new line as she’s pretty awesome. Some have criticized the departure from her traditional look, but i like it personally what about you? Another thing of note is that the glam shots are quite deceiving, they usually are but in this case it’s much more apparent. This is why i have placed a link next to each one so you can see what the POP actually looks like, it still looks cool just not as vibrant! Glam shots and info coming up!

Power Rangers The Movie – Black Ranger #396 (Click here to see the real one!)

Power Rangers The Movie Funko POPs Black Ranger 396

Power Rangers The Movie – Pink Ranger #397 (Click here to see the real one!)

Power Rangers The Movie – Yellow Ranger #398 (Click here to see the real one!)

Power Rangers The Movie – Blue Ranger #399 (Click here to see the real one!)

Power Rangers The Movie – Red Ranger #400 (Click here to see the real one!)

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse. The Godfather Funko POPs! First Look!

Some friends are coming to join you from a little known film, The Godfather Funko POPs! I’m sure you’ve never heard of this film, but it’s apparently quite popular! Sarcasm of course, Funko continues with its stampede through every classic film imaginable. This time with the major classic that is, The Godfather. We are being treated […]

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Don’t Mention the Dog! John Wick 2 Funko POPs Coming January!

John Wick is coming back for more with the upcoming John Wick 2 Funko POPs! I hope you didn’t think enough people died in the first film! (a cool 77 it seems from some random googling) but lucky for us someone has brought him into some more trouble, so Keanu will be back doing what he […]

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FYE Exclusive Bloody William Wallace Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

Look forward to getting your hands bloody with the upcoming FYE Exclusive Bloody William Wallace Funko POP! Did you love the film Braveheart? Did you get the POP and thought to yourself .. this guy needs to have blood all over him? Well Funko heard you! And your special blood covered William Wallace is coming to […]

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Power Rangers Funko POPs Dorbz & More! Coming Soon!

I see Power Rangers in your future .. many .. Power Rangers Funko POPs Dorbz and more! After gleaming information from GameStop there seems to be quite a plethora of new POPs coming out, namely that of the Power Ranger variety! And that’s on top of the POP line that just came out, it looks […]

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