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DC’s Wonder Woman The Movie Rock Candy! Coming May!

Another awesome figure on the way with the upcoming Wonder Woman The Movie Rock Candy!

Welcome to part 3 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

I’m certainly looking forward to this one, i’m a big fan of the Rock Candy line so far. I like the more realistic appearance and the slimmer and taller form factor, POPs can look the part but they don’t suit every franchise. Also as it’s a new line it’s easier to collect them all, though that’s looking harder already! You can check out our Rock Candy section by clicking here. They have been adding new figures to this line thick and fast, so make sure you keep up! The Diana figure itself looks wonderful, they have her pose just right so she looks strong and formidable. What are your thoughts? Glam shot and info coming up!

Update: Added a real photo of her from the New York Toy Fair 2017 at the end.

Wonder Woman the Movie – Wonder Woman Amazoness Rock Candy

Wonder Woman The Movie Rock Candy


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Revisit Ancient Evil. The Mummy 2017 Funko POPs! Coming April!

Get ready for a reboot with the upcoming The Mummy 2017 Funko POPs!

Welcome to part 2 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

What are your thoughts on this Reboot? I wonder. I know i have fond memories of the original film, it was pretty awesome though they kind of used up the good will they built with lackluster sequels. And let’s not talk about Brendan Fraser’s career! I can’t say i had this movie in my mind for a reboot before it was announced, but i can’t say it looks too bad. Know my wife always says she dislikes Tom Cruise because of his crazy antics in the real world, though i personally try not to let that affect anything as i don’t know him personally. I always say that Tom Cruise’s films are (almost) always awesome and fun films. With that in mind i’m looking forward to this one!

Speaking of the POPs i will probably have to pick The Mummy as my favorite of the lot, she’s pretty cool and i love the actress who plays her. They didn’t do too well with the Nick Morton POP, he really doesn’t look anything like Tom Cruise and aside from his accessories he really could be any guy. Ahmanet seems fun, i like the hair they have done and it shows of their new body shapes they have been working on with the fancy dress they worked up for her. Glam shots and info coming up!

The Mummy (2017) – The Mummy #434

The Mummy 2017 Funko POPs

The Mummy (2017) – Ahmanet #435

The Mummy (2017) – Nick Morton #436


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Stuck in the Middle. Reservoir Dogs Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Are you gonna bite? Reservoir Dogs Funko POPs coming to a store near you soon!

Welcome to part 29 of our London Toy Fair series!

Here we have some concept work for 3 POPs from the classic Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs, me personally i’m a huge Tarantino fan! What about you? I love pretty much everything he’s done, from the classic to the more obscure. Some people i know refuse to watch them mostly because of the violence, though whatever the context of the film i always feel you shouldn’t let that get in the way of experiencing a great story. From what i can see there is no Mr. Orange .. yet .. these are just very early concept works, so as usual i would assume there will be more around the time of release. Things like exclusives, Chases and so on. Anything you’re looking for? I wonder. Concept shots and info coming up!

Reservoir Dogs – Mr. Blonde #?

Reservoir Dogs Funko POPs

Reservoir Dogs – Mr. Pink #?

Reservoir Dogs – Mr. White #?


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Stand Alone. Ghost in the Shell Funko POPs! Coming March!

Do you have a complex? Come check out the upcoming Ghost in the Shell Funko POPs!

Welcome to part 28 of our London Toy Fair series!

These ones i’m fairly looking forward to, and not just the POPs i’d certainly love to see the film when it comes out. What are your thoughts on the upcoming live action remake of Ghost in the Shell? I did see the original Anime and it is certainly a classic, it’s strange to think just how long ago these Anime shows were first created (1995). Some say they are playing around with the story-line too much, but i wouldn’t mind i mean if we want more things like this they have to try and appeal to the western market. There’s a reason why Anime and Manga aren’t as big over here! With anything like this i think we just need to let the western and eastern versions be their own thing, and enjoy each as they come (or not, we will see once the film’s out!). Glam shots and info coming up!

Note: There is also an FYE exclusive in this line of Major in her black jacket, click here for that article!

Ghost in the Shell – Major #384

Ghost in the Shell Funko POPs

Ghost in the Shell – Batou #385

Ghost in the Shell – Geisha #386


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Shall You Pass? Lord of the Rings Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming 2017!

Update: Full glam shots have been released, click here!

How long does it take to walk from Bag’s End to Mt. Doom? Find out with the upcoming POPs with the Lord of the Rings Funko Concept Art!

Welcome to part 26 of our London Toy Fair series!

Well to say these will be popular is a understatement, it’s pretty certain that the many concept art you see below is only a small amount of what will be coming. It’s been a long time since Funko originally released the LOTR POPs and they’ve changed their practice’s a lot since then, even the Hobbit films were quite some time ago. I for one am very excited about the prospect! The concept work we have already looks awesome, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Frodo is an iconic character, the translucent POPs are very cool but i think i have to pick out Balrog for this one. Not only is he a 6 inch POP but it seems he will have a fair amount of detail, and we can’t forget the fire whip!

What are your thoughts about this upcoming line, who are you excited for and who else should they add? Are they missing your favorite character. At the time of writing this people are going crazy trying to get the Chase Eleven POP from Stranger Things, but it does seem Frodo will have a Chase version. I’m already dreading to think how hard it will be to get that, but who knows, maybe Funko will just flood the market with LOTR POPs. We shall see! Concept art and info coming up!

Lord of the Rings – Frodo Baggins #?

Lord of the Rings Funko Concept Art

Lord of the Rings – Posessed Frodo Baggins [Chase] #?

Lord of the Rings – Invisible Frodo Baggins #?

Lord of the Rings – Samwise Gamgee #?

Lord of the Rings – Gandalf #?


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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Rock Candy! Coming February!

Finally the last of the reveals for this film, the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Rock Candy!

So far it seems they have only chosen to do a Rock Candy of Gamora and Mantis, i say so far as when it comes to Funko .. there’s always more can be applied to pretty much everything. It would be nice to have a Nebula Rock Candy too, as far as i’ve seen there has never and probably will never be any male Rock Candy so i doubt anyone else will get one. I can’t say i mind though .. but i am a guy and any females may have a different opinion, overall i’m a fan of the Rock Candy line. I had thought about switching from POPs to Rock Candy as there is less of them to get .. but in a year from now who knows! Glam shots and info coming up!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Gamora Rock Candy

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Rock Candy Gamora

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Mantis Rock Candy

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Funko Rock Candy Mantis


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Dreamworks Boss Baby Funko POPs! Coming February!

The boss is in, say hello to the upcoming Dreamworks Boss Baby Funko POPs!

Don’t lie .. i know these POPs are your no.1 choice for 2017, it’s confirmed you want a Boss Baby presiding over your collection! These figures are from the soon to be released Boss Baby film by Dreamworks, the idea originally came from a book of the same name written by Marla Frazee. From what i’ve seen there’s also a sequel to that book, with the original name the bossier baby, so if this film does well i’m sure there will be a sequel in the works! From what i’ve seen of the trailer the film does look fairly cute, and my wife’s a huge animated film fan so it’s no doubt in my mind we will be going to see this. What are your thoughts? The POPs are pretty cool, i like what they did the the eyes it’s perfect for the character. Glam shots and info coming up!

Boss Baby – Boss Baby in Suit #394

Dreamworks Boss Baby Funko POPs Suit 394

Boss Baby – Boss Baby in Tie #395

Boss Baby – Boss Baby in Suit Pocket POP Keychain


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Best Served Cold. Godfather Funko POPs! Coming February!

Funko has let out their glam shots for the upcoming Godfather Funko POPs!

These are set to hit stores late winter, we did do an article on this line of POPs before but that was with the real photos. If you would like to see that article just click here! Aside from now having Funko’s fancy 3D Rendered glam shots, they also revealed the two exclusives that will be coming with this line which we didn’t know before. Those are the FYE Exclusive Michael Corleon .. with grey suit, and the Amazon exclusive of the same character but with grey suit and hat. So they turned his suit grey for one exclusive, and then added a grey hat for the second .. perhaps the third they will add a grey gun? Kidding aside, what are your thoughts on these? My favorites are the Amazon Exclusive Michael, and Vito of course .. i mean he does have a cat. Glam shots and info coming up!

The Godfather – Vito Corleone #389

Godfather Funko POPs Vito 389

The Godfather – Michael Corleone #390

The Godfather – Grey Suit Michael Corleone #390 (FYE Exclusive) $14.99

The Godfather – Sonny Corleone #391

The Godfather – Fredo Corleone #392


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