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BAM NYCC 2017 Exclusive Funko POPs! Out Now!

BAM NYCC 2017 Exclusive Funko POPs ~ Doctor Who – First Doctor #508 (NYCC 2017 / BAM Exclusive) $14.99 – Click me to buy! Game of Thrones – Jaqen H’Ghar #57 (NYCC 2017 / BAM Exclusive) $14.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn cash back at BAM by going through eBates […]

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San Diego Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 7!

Another day and another explosion of POPs in your face with part 7 of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 Funko reveals! And don’t worry there’s plenty more coming! They will wear you down until that wallet opens up.

Todays theme is a little of a strange one, it’s the “Warner Brothers” theme! It kind of feels like that was more of an after though, so they can throw in a few TV shows and films that are affiliated with the WB. But this wave certainly doesn’t disappoint, i’m not too worried about the themes but i can appreciate them trying to give some semblance to these reveals. The first thing that caught my eye was the POP Ride, with Dean and his “Baby” as they call it. This is of course the iconic Impala from the show that has featured alongside them in pretty much every episode, for as long as there have bee POP rides fans have been asking for this one. So i’m glad it’s finally here! I watched Supernatural up until hm .. season 8 i think, i can’t remember him calling it his baby very often so that could be a newer thing.

Another part of this reveal, which i know my wife will be very happy with, is the Harry Potter POPs! The first one being Harry riding on his broom in his Quidditch outfit, as far as i can tell they’re trying to give them impression of him chasing the Golden Snitch. It’s a pretty fun POP i have to say, Funko have been doing a lot of these POPs lately that come with stands. I’m thinking of Peter Pan, Dumbo, Tinkerbell and so on. The other from this line is Luna Lovegood with her “interesting” glasses and attire, she’s kind of a cult favorite for HP fans from what i know. I did like her in the films, her voice and demeanor were cute.

It’s hard to say what my favorite from this wave is, i’m kind of between Occamy and the LOTR 2 Pack. The Lord of the Rings is one choice because, well, it’s Aragorn and Arwen what more do i need to say! But Occamy on the other hand is very interesting, never seen a POP like it. And yes their scales are shimmery and metallic! So for sheer uniqueness i’m going to have to go with Occamy. What are your thoughts on this wave, will Lincoln as Reaper from The 100 be your pick? I wonder. Glam shots and info coming up!

Harry Potter – Harry Potter on Broom (Quidditch) #31 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Reveal 7

Harry Potter – Luna Lovegood with Glasses #41 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

The 100 – Reaper Lincoln #474 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive LE 750)

Fantastic Beasts – Occamy #12 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Lord of the Rings – Aragorn & Arwen 2 Pack #? (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)


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San Diego Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 6!

Welcome to part 6 of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 reveals, showing you all the Funko goodness that will be available at the show .. and hopefully in good supply afterwards!

Yes we’re already on part 6 which should mean we’re half way through the reveals, possibly! Unless Funko has something secret planned for the end, we shall see. But today we have 7 more POPs to add to the ever increasing list of exclusives, seriously there are so many this year, definitely setting records for the shear amount of convention exclusives. Today’s lineup is all about Television, showcasing some TV favorites.

The one i’m probably most excited for is Clara Oswald from Doctor Who, me and my wife are both very big fans of Doctor Who so she’s an exciting prospect. There’s plenty more i would like to see such as Martha and Donna, but she’s definitely a nice addition. On top of that they’ve done her pretty well, she has quite a nice likeness and is very cute! I do like the skirt they gave her, also you may notice she has little bow ties all over her top, all fun extra details!

Another one i have a good interest in is “The Tick” a classic kids show! I used to watch it, along with many other shows, when i was a kid. Anyone else here a fan of the show? Of course when you say classic kids show, it means different things for everyone as there’s so many kids shows it’s common many will never have seen the one that is “your favorite”. He’s a pretty cool POP, from the translucent blue coloring to the irregular body shape. And of course he’s GITD, for where would we be without GITD and Flocked POPs? We’d have more money for one!

Aside from that they are not all the most exciting, the Stranger Things and Walking Dead POPs are fairly typical POPs. Yes they are great if you happen to be a fan of that particular character, or a big fan of the show. But they don’t do anything spectacular that makes you think “I’ve never seen that before” (Yes you could say that about Clara too!). But i am liking the white eyes and the spilled coffee of the Twin Peaks 2 pack. Feel free to ignore the glam shot, as the real POPs actually both have white eyes, you can see that in the video below! What are your thoughts on this reveal? I wonder, glam shots and info coming up!

Stranger Things – Steve Harrington #475 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Reveal 6

Stranger Things – Mr. Clarke #476 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Mr. Robot – Elliot Masked #482 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

The Walking Dead – T-Dog #495 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Doctor Who – Clara Oswald #496 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)


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San Diego Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 3!

Another day another set of tantalizing products, welcome to part 3 of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 reveals!

This time as i’m sure you can see we have a theme consisting of Marvel items, Funko has said that each reveal will be themed but they also said there may be more from each theme. So this means there is a possibility for more Star Wars, Marvel and so on products. Luckily this time unlike with the Scott Pilgrim line, there doesn’t seem to be any limited items so everything you see below should end up being shared with a store! Though this line doesn’t hold anything of particular interest to me, i know the Captain America POP will certainly do well though as he has a big fan base of collectors.

So what are your thoughts on wave 3 of the reveals? Anything you are desperate to have, i wonder! For me personally i’m loving the Red She-Hulk, the colors are very striking and the red highlight in the hair is a nice touch. Captain America seems fairly bland to me, he doesn’t have a new mold just the old style slouching position and i already have plenty of POPs for him (even if this is meant to be Bucky Barnes). Gwenpool is a fun POP, though again i have 3 of her already! And each is only slightly different, my favorite from her line is still the unmasked version. As for the Rock Candy i will definitely be trying to grab that one, i’m a big fan of the Rock Candys so far! Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel – Bucky Captain America #06 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Reveal 3

Marvel – Red She-Hulk #231 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Marvel – Gwenpool with Selfie Stick #232 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Tony Stark with Iron Man Helmet #225 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Marvel – Gwenpool Rock Candy (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Note: Be sure to check out our main SDCC 2017 page, where you can find all details and updates in one convenient place!


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San Diego Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 2!

Welcome to part 2 of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 reveals, this time we have a return of our friend saving the world one ex boyfriend (or girlfriend) at a time.

These are the first reveals (so far) from SDCC that are going to be limited, in the Star Wars reveal none were limited which means all of those should be shared with retailers. But as ever with Scott Pilgrim there are some limitations involved! I’m sure those who are fans of Scott Pilgrim know that every-time Funko releases items from this line, they are usually pretty hard to get. Which is a shame! I’m certainly looking forward to grabbing some of these .. if i can that is.

Nega Scott below is the only one who isn’t limited, though you shouldn’t lose hope as even though they probably won’t be shared with any retailers they will probably appear on the Funko Shop. Though what am i saying, it’s extremely difficult to grab items from there! But it is another chance. What is your favorite piece, or pieces from this line? I wonder. Roxy Ritcher wasn’t my favorite character from the film, but i have to say her POP is very cute so i would definitely want that one. Though my favorite is probably going to be the Rock Candy, and it is Ramona Flowers of all people. I’m really hoping they also release Envy Adams as a Rock Candy sometime that would be awesome. Glam shots and info coming up!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Scott with Sword of Destiny #459 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive LE 2,000)

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Reveal 2

Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Roxy Ritcher #460 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive LE 2,500)

Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Nega Scott #470 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Ramona Flowers Rock Candy (SDCC 2017 Exclusive LE 1,250)

Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Dorbz 3 Pack (SDCC 2017 Exclusive LE 500)

Note: Be sure to check out our main SDCC 2017 page, where you can find all details and updates in one convenient place!


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San Diego Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 1!

The largest convention in the USA is returning again this Summer, along with that of course comes a slew of exclusive POPs! Come and check out part 1 of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 reveals right here!

It seems Funko has decided that their first reveal will be all about Star Wars! Continuing to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, which will combine with various other releases such as the upcoming Target Exclusive Darth Vader POP Deluxe. The first POP we have for you is the much rumored “Bodhi Rook” POP, Funko has been hinting at this POP for a long time so it’s nice that we finally get to see him in full. Come to think of hint Funko hinted at all of these POPs except for the “Assault Tank Trooper”, but whether you like that Leia comes with an R2-D2 is another matter i suppose.

I’m sure many may say they already have an R2-D2 POP, and from the outset he doesn’t appear to be any different than the typical version of him. Although i did report some time ago that they were creating a whole new mold for the Droids like R2-D2, this would be where only the top part of his head bobbles. I’m going to assume they’re using that new mold with this one, or at least i hope so! Being a new mold i’m thinking he will be much better quality than the previous R2-D2 so i don’t mind him being there, can’t wait to see them in person!

Funko has mentioned that “most” of the SDCC exclusives will be shared, all 4 here will be at least as none of them say that they are limited to a certain amount. We do have a 6″ POP here which is “Supreme Leader Snoke”, as far as i know it’s the very first Holo 6″ POP. Though he is of course not truly that big, this is just to represent his much larger size when he appears in hologram form in the film. His true size and pretty much any information about him still remains a mystery, but look out for Episode VIII POPs later this year! So who is your favorite from this first reveal? Glam shots and info coming up!

Star Wars – GITD Supreme Leader Snoke #182 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Reveal 1

Star Wars – Bodhi Rook #183 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Star Wars – Combat Assault Tank Trooper #184 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Star Wars – GITD Holo Princess Leia & R2-D2 2 Pack #? (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Note: Be sure to check out our main SDCC 2017 page, where you can find all details and updates in one convenient place!


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Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal! Part 2!

Try not to get green with envy for the Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal Part 2!

Much less green this time, but just as much awesomeness. Funko certainly has stepped it up this year, compared to only last years selection at ECCC this is a huge increase! Luckily for most collectors the majority of ECCC figures are not limited, so that means there will be plenty available to grab outside of the convention. Even so, the limited ones are at a number of 3,000 which is a generous amount for sure! Of these the only confirmed shared exclusive so far is Emerald Pharah who will be at GameStop, but Funko will be revealing them all in due time.

Funko has also been including some of their original creations, such as T Bone, El Diablo and their Spastik Plastik Dorbz 3 pack. This will be exciting for old school Funko fans! Hard to pick a favorite, the Stranger Things 2 pack will certainly be popular but for me it has to be the Hong Kong Phooey POP Ride! What about you? It’s a hard choice really, i don’t have any particular nostalgia for any of them. I watched Blue Falcon and Hong Kong Phooey when i was younger and enjoyed them, but not obsessively. Regardless, glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Catch the original live preview from Jon and Yoko right here on Facebook.

Note 2: Funko states that all shared exclusives will be revealed the week of the convention!

Marvel – WW2 Captain America #219 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive)

Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal Part 2

Overwatch – Emerald Pharah #95 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive) (Shared with GameStop)

Blue Falcon & Dynomutt – Blue Falcon #214 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive LE 3,000)

Blue Falcon & Dynomutt – Dynomutt #215 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive LE 3,000)

Star Wars – Muftak #173 (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive)


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Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal! Part 1!

Welcome to the first part of the Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal!

You may notice a slight green theme here, and of course! As usual it is themed that way because it’s the Emerald City, the best time to see all of your green friends or perhaps a few glow in the dark ones. Here we have the first official reveal of what Funko plans to release at the ECCC, this is just the second year that Funko has had a big presence there and it shows no sign of stopping! This year is looking to be much bigger, we’re already seeing some big name POPs that will be highly sought after. Luckily most aren’t limited so that means they will be shared exclusives, so for those who won’t be there you can grab them .. if you’re quick .. at local stores. Glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Click here to see the original live periscope stream!

ECCC – GITD Emerald City Crusader #179 (ECCC 2017 Exclusive) $15.00

Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal

Looney Tunes – Michigan J. Frog #207 (ECCC 2017 Exclusive) $15.00

The Muppets – Superhero Kermit #11 (ECCC 2017 Exclusive LE 3,000) $15.00

Peanuts – Peppermint Patty #208 (ECCC 2017 Exclusive) $15.00 (Shared with Barnes & Noble)

Scooby Doo – The Creeper #203 (ECCC 2017 Exclusive) $15.00

Read more to see more! DC, Rick & Morty, Power Rangers and Flintstones!


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