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BAM Exclusive Fish Bowl Cat in the Hat Funko POP! Out Now!

Horton heard you and is bring you many figures, including the now released BAM Exclusive Fish Bowl Cat in the Hat Funko POP! ~ Dr. Seuss – Cat in the Hat with Fishbowl #9 (Books A Million Exclusive) $12.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 1.5% cash back at BAM by going […]

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BAM Exclusive Disney’s Moana Maui Funko POP! Out Now!

Here’s one for those who are gathering the Moana series, the BAM Exclusive Disney’s Moana Maui Funko POP! This guy just came out today, and seems they have plenty left in stock! Though they do have a surcharge on shipping on their website sadly. For those who want to risk it, you can always stop by your […]

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BAM Exclusive Harry Potter Fred & George Weasley Funko POP 2 Pack! Pre Order Now!

Here comes another senseless pack with the new BAM Exclusive Harry Potter Fred & George Weasley Funko POP 2 Pack! Well .. it’s great if you really must have a 2 pack of these guys i suppose, instead of just buying them separately. This is their second 2 Pack so far, following on from their Bulma […]

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Disney’s Moana Funko POPs, Dorbz And More Coming This Fall!

The latest Disney film is fast approaching, and that means it’s time for Disney’s Moana Funko POPs, Dorbz and well .. a whole lot more!

In the past we’ve revealed what is going to be released, along with a few sneak previews. But today we finally get to see the whole Moana range in all it’s glory! And yes there is a lot of it. It certainly seems they’re going the whole way with this series, with numerous variants and exclusives. Though since it is Disney .. it will no doubt sell pretty well, let’s hope she doesn’t end up like Olaf though .. oops. Not all the variants are sporting extremely different looks, but there is certainly enough to keep any completionists busy. All the usual Exclusive suspects are here, Hot Topic, Target, GameStop, Walmart, BAM .. only ones missing are Walgreens and Barnes and Noble. No Walgreens? That’s a shame.. said no one ever.

Another thing of note is that this is one of the first Rock Candy we’ve seen in a while, since the original run and the SDCC exclusives. Though it’s only the start, as i have a list of all the upcoming Rocky Candy right here.

Rock Candy: Harley Quinn
Rock Candy: Marvel Spider Gwen UM
Rock Candy: Moana
Rock Candy: Marvel Lady Thor
Rock Candy: Marvel Captain Marvel

Regardless, all your info and glam shots are coming up!

Disney’s Moana – Moana & Pua #213

Disney's Moana Funko POPs, Dorbz

Disney’s Moana – Maui #214


Disney’s Moana – Young Moana #215


Disney’s Moana – Fighting Moana #216 (Target Exclusive)


Disney’s Moana – Voyager Moana #217 (Walmart Exclusive)


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BAM Exclusive Golden Cthulu Up! Preorder Now! #03

BAM (Books A Million) have just put their newest Exclusive POP up for Pre-order! And he is .. Golden Cthulu! This is obviously going to be a must have for any lovecraft fans! As far as i know he is the 5th Cthulu POP that has been released (1 original and 4 variants) including the EE […]

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