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San Diego Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 5!

Welcome to the next part of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 Funko reveals, we’re on part 5 already! And at least 7 more reveals to go, anything taken your fancy so far?

This time we welcome back an old favorite with the DC wave! Well, i say an old favorite, that’s mainly for those who want more Batman .. and not those who are tired of Batman variants. There are quite a few, but he is a fairly popular character i suppose with some Funko fans having collected every one. Some dedication! Another note is that this is the biggest wave yet, we’ve had no bigger than 5 pieces in a wave thus far but this time we’re looking at a massive 11 figures. How many does that make so far hm .. i count that as 30 and we’re only on wave 5 of 12, i got all the SDCC figures last year but yes, that definitely won’t be happening this year for sure unless i take out a small loan!

Regardless, back to the figures and Batman of course. You’re all set for him with 4 different kinds, the first and possibly the coolest is the Toy Tokyo exclusive. The Metallic Blue Batman, this one is using the new Batman mold at least, so that’s something different and the base POP is the Keaton Batman. If that’s not your style (some may say it’s lazy as covering a POP in metallic paint is no work on there part) then you have the Joker Batman, this is a pretty awesome one and definitely better than the one which came in Loot Crate some time ago. I thought for sure we’d seen the last of the Suicide Squad POPs but they keep coming! The other is Interplanetary Batman which is one of the many (many) variants from Detective Comics, and lastly Bruce Wayne from the upcoming Justice League movie.

One of the more fun additions is definitely the Wonder Twins, or otherwise known as the “Super Friends”. Certainly not a twosome that i thought would ever get a POP, they are fairly niche. But that’s what makes them interesting, and luckily they’re not limited so they should .. be out there for those who want them. It does seem like they will be shared with FYE though, i can’t say i have much luck getting exclusives from them! Speaking of limitedness only the Nightwing Dorbz 2 Pack and the Batman and Batmobile Action figures are limited, both to 1,500. What are your thoughts on this new wave, anything amazing for you? I wonder, glam shots and info coming up!

DC Heroes – Metallic Blue Batman #144 (SDCC 2017 / Toy Tokyo Exclusive)

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Reveal 5

Suicide Squad – Joker Batman #188 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Batman the Animated Series – Man Bat #189 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Action Comics – Interplanetary Batman #196 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Wonder Woman the Movie – Ares #197 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Wave 3 Funko Action Figures! Coming 2017!

Five Nights at Freddy’s Wave 3 Funko Action Figures

Welcome to part 26 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

While these aren’t officially called wave 3, i’m going to call them that anyway as in my eyes they are. The first wave was the regular FNAF characters, and the second wave was the Nightmare FNAF characters. Makes sense to me at least! Anyways, for wave 3 of these we have the long awaited sister location figures. You thought it ended after the last FNAF game? Oh no, there’s always ways to extend a series, and that’s what we have here. Though if people are still enjoying it, then that’s awesome. The figures themselves seem fun, they have the typical FNAF design, i do like the character design they use in those games it’s very recognizable and they have a strong brand going. I guess it may bother some people that you have to collect them all to full built Ennard, but i think it’s a nice feature, i mean they could just give you the figure without any extra pieces but as a completionist it’s something that appeals to me. Glam shots and info coming up!

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Baby Action Figure (with Ennard body)

Five Nights at Freddy's Wave 3 Funko Action Figures

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Ballora Action Figure (with Ennard arms)

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Funtime Freddy Action Figure (with Ennard right leg)

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Funtime Foxy Action Figure (with Ennard left leg)

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Ennard Action Figure (Fully constructed)


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Caped Crusaders. 1966 Batman Funko Action Figures! Coming Soon!

Relive the classics with the upcoming 1966 Batman Funko Action Figures!

Welcome to part 5 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

To go alongside their POP counterparts (click here to see) Funko are also releasing an action figure line, though you may notice in the POP article that there is no Bookworm or Catwoman. Perhaps there will be Bookworm and another Catwoman POP to come in the future? What do you think? Funko has had a strange relationship with action figures over time, they had their split with the Reaction line and have tried numerous other types of figure. This kind of deters me from them as they all have different boxes and designs, so if you collect Funko action figures they won’t look like the same line.

If you see the photos from the NY Toy Fair below you may notice some figures missing, they reveal concept shots of all but two! If we take a close look at the NY Toy Fair photos we can see there is another Batman and Mr. Freeze action figure. The Bat Logo on the other figure looks akin to the 1944 Batman (thanks to temrocket for pointing out that it’s Adam West’s screen test outfit), it doesn’t have the yellow around it. And if you’re wondering about the Mr Freeze figures, well some research has revealed they are of two different actors. The bald Mr. Freeze is the actor Otto Preminger and the one with hair (only shown in the NY photos) is Eli Wallach. Concept shots and info coming up!

Batman 1966 – Batgirl Action Figure

1966 Batman Funko Action Figures

Batman 1966 – Catwoman Action Figure

Batman 1966 – Bookworm Action Figure

Batman 1966 – Mr. Freeze Action Figure

Batman 1966 – King Tut Action Figure

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko Action Figures! Coming December!

Seems like a new line from Funko with these Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko Action Figures!

As far as i know there hasn’t been any other action figures like these from Funko, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong. Though there are non nightmare versions of these figures. The usual figures from Funko are the ReAction figures, these seem to be larger more detailed version for a lot more articulation. It will have to be seen whether Funko continues this line into other areas, though i’m not the biggest action figure fan! I’m sure there’s plenty out there who will enjoy these, as FNAF is very popular with the younger audience, which is strange considering it’s a horror game. Glam shots and info coming up!

Five Nights at Freddy’s – Nightmare Freddy Action Figure

Five Nights at Freddy's Funko Action Figures Nightmare Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy’s – Nightmare Chica Action Figure


Five Nights at Freddy’s – Nightmare Foxy Action Figure


Five Nights at Freddy’s – Nightmare Bonnie Action Figure


Five Nights at Freddy’s – Funtime Foxy Action Figure


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