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You’re a Wizard. Harry Potter Wave 6 Funko POPs & More! Coming July!

Come back to Hogwarts this Summer with the upcoming Harry Potter Wave 6 Funko POPs!

It’s that time again, what time you may ask? Well time for more Harry Potter of course! I mean you didn’t think the Harry Potter well had run dry did you? That would be crazy talk. It’s certainly a good thing for my wife as she’s a huge Harry Potter fan, and she’s assuming right now that i will get this new wave for her too! We’ll see, that would be spoilers.

The main attraction of this wave would be the Herbology set, and if you wait for the Barnes and Noble exclusive you can grab all 3 in one neat little set. Joining them are Ginny with her Diary, Gilderoy Lockhart, Tom Riddle and Nearly Headless Nick! I know my wife’s happy about Ginny, before they made any POPs of Ginny she was always shocked that they hadn’t done her yet. My favorite so far has to be the Quidditch Ginny on her broom, that’s a very fun one!

A Chase version of Gilderoy was planned originally, but it doesn’t appear here. So that either means it’s still a secret or they just moved the chase over to be a Barnes and Noble exclusive. One thing i have surprised about is the lack of Hot Topic exclusives in this line, Hot Topic are usually right at the front when it comes to Harry Potter but it seems Target have taken their place. Much to the malign of a few people .. as Target has certainly been controversial in the POP world as of late. I hope they handle this wave better! Regardless, what are your thoughts? Which ones are your favorite and what missed opportunities have you seen. Glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Non exclusives are available for pre-order right now! Just see below, or (Click me!)

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Harry Potter – Harry Potter (Herbology Outfit) #55 (Common) $Retail

Harry Potter Wave 6 Funko POPs

Harry Potter – Ron Weasley (Herbology Outfit) #56 (Common) $Retail

Harry Potter – Hermione Granger (Herbology Outfit) #57 (Common) $Retail

Harry Potter – Ginny Weasley (With Diary) #58 (Common) $Retail

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Fresh Meat. Target Exclusive 10″ Porg Funko POP! Out Now!

Target Exclusive 10″ Porg Funko POP

Has come in and out of stock a few times! At time of posting, it is in stock! Also i’ve included some info at the end to help you find him in stores too.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 10″ Porg (Open Mouth) #198 (Target Exclusive) $29.99 – Click me!

Target Exclusive 10" Porg Funko POP

Target – 10″ Porg DPCI ~ 323-01-1486

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New Target Exclusive 10″ Funko Super Size POPs! First Look!

New Target Exclusive 10″ Funko Super Size POPs Here’s a first look at two of the new 10″ “Super Sized POPs” coming to Target in the not too distant future, what do you think of these? Hopefully i will actually see these in store this time, they are usually pretty limited .. not in small […]

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