Day: December 25, 2018

Sneak Peek Time! What Does Our December 2018 Preview Have?

Sneak Peek Time December 2018

Updated as more info comes!

P.S. This is our Tenth sneak peek article! To see part 1 (Click here!), part 2 (Click here!), part 3 (Click here!), part 4 (Click here!), part 5 (Click here!), part 6 (Click here!), part 7 (Click here!), part 8 (Click here!) and part 9 (Click here!)

Update 2:

Dumbo POPs landing 1st Feb
Second version of Gamer Mickey (Non Excl) coming + already known Gamer Minnie
New GameStop Fortnite Exclusive
20 More Fortnite POPs
New line of Bosco POPs + GS Exclusive


New POP line coming named “Town” (2 items)
New POP Games line coming code-named “Redmond” (2 items)
POP line code-named Pink Pigs is landing 1st March
New Un-named POP line landing 22nd Feb (3 items)
POP Cereal: FunkOs Ghostbusters (GameStop Exclusive)
POP Movies: GB (GameStop Exclusive)
POP Stranger Things Dustin Beef (GameStop Exclusive)
POP VG: Fallout Red Power Amor (GameStop Exclusive)
POP Marvel: Dark Phoenix – Rogue
POP Anime: DBZ S5 Goku Copper

5 Star

5 Star: Aladdin – Aladdin
5 Star: Aladdin – Genie
5 Star: Aladdin – Jafar
5 Star: Aladdin – Jasmine
5 Star: Fortnite S1a – Love Ranger
5 Star: Fortnite S1a – Moonwalker
5 Star: Fortnite S1a – Omega
5 Star: Fortnite S1a – Tomatohead
5 Star: Fortnite S1a – Zoey


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