Come Around for Lunch! November 2018 Lunch Money Sale!

Are you ready for the November 2018 Lunch Money Sale?

January 2018 Lunch Money Sale

Update: Sale now ended! Get ready for Black Friday.

When is the sale?

The sale starts on the 1st of November 2018 and ends on the 13th of November!

What can i buy?

Well aside from their large selection of POPs and more, there’s still a whole host of exclusives online! There’s certainly no shortage of items, especially for those who have to have it all! Regardless, head on over to this link to check out their Funko selection (Click me!)

Do you have any Lunch Money codes?

I have a few here and there, i will post them when i find them! Also feel free to help others out and post any codes you won’t be using down below in the comments.

Note: All codes can be used 3 times, plus if you have more than 1 code they stack on top of each other!

  • BWA1-TR5FW7HDTZ (Used)
  • BWD0-T4BFSWRM9V (Used)
  • BWA1-HZMVP7GQ7H (Used)
  • BWA0-7NMPCZMKKN (Used)
  • BWA1-GBZN6B4KPN (Used)
  • BWA1-9D2PQF9ZLZ (Used)
  • BWA0-B3SS7KH3WZ (Used)
  • BWA1-L6K77ZCNFV (Used)
  • BWA2-N27FPBKMCZ (Used)

How can i save money?

Well of course you want to save money, who doesn’t? There are plenty of ways to do that (aside from Lunch Money) which i have learnt during my time buying POPs, certainly not something we should keep secret! Here’s a list of money saving tips from me to you.

Money Saving Tip 1: Did you buy anything at Box Lunch that is still in stock during the past 30 days? Well then just return it and buy it again with Lunch Money to save some extra POP cash. (Though this one is trickier than with Hot Topic, because Box Lunch is still fairly new most people don’t have a Box Lunch store nearby!)
Money Saving Tip 2: Try to reach as close to the discount amount as possible, remember the increments are in $30. So if you’re close to the next increment, then go to accessories or another section and add something cheap for $1 or $2.
Money Saving Tip 3: Make sure you have an account! Box Lunch gives you back $5 for every $100 spent, and when you become a VIP+ member you get even more back!
Money Saving Tip 4: Using a Credit Card that gives you cash back, if you have a Credit Card which provides Cash Back .. usually 1 or 2% then be sure to use it.
Money Saving Tip 5: One of the best tips is to always use eBates when buying online! At no cost to you they will give you cash back on every purchase. which adds up quickly! (As an added bonus they give new members a $10 bonus if they make a purchase of $25 or more). Once you’ve signed up; just go to their Box Lunch page and click Shop Now!

Click the link below to start shopping! Good luck!

Click me to go straight to see the Funko items at Box Lunch!

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