Day: November 4, 2018

Come Around for Lunch! November 2018 Lunch Money Sale!

Are you ready for the November 2018 Lunch Money Sale? Update: Sale now ended! Get ready for Black Friday. When is the sale? The sale starts on the 1st of November 2018 and ends on the 13th of November! What can i buy? Well aside from their large selection of POPs and more, there’s still a […]

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What’s Cooking?! November 2018 Hot Cash Sale is Now On!

Hope you haven’t burned it, time to get your wallet out for the November 2018 Hot Cash Sale!

July 2018 Hot Cash Sale

Update: Sale now ended! Get ready for Black Friday.

Please share any un-used codes in the comments!

As of the 1st of November Hot Cash is now accepted in stores and online for Guest List members! For everyone else, 2nd of November!

Note: They stopped Hot Cash working on Exclusives for some time. But for now they are back working on all exclusive items!

Do you have any Hot Cash codes?

I will be hunting down my own personal codes to see what i can share with you! If you have any you’re not using, feel free to share!

  • HWA0-37RVKBLR4M (Used)
  • HWA1-4WLFG3BCHV (Used)
  • HWA2-CBWVSTTGH4 (Used)
  • HWA3-RFBZ5TVGR2 (Used)
  • HWA0-3N5Z9SMMQT (Used)
  • HWA1-5VBHM9G96H (Used)
  • HWA2-G2G9FBWXV9 (Used)

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