Sneak Peek Time! What Does Our October 2018 Preview Have?

Sneak Peek Time October 2018

Updated as more info comes!

P.S. This is our Ninth sneak peek article! To see part 1 (Click here!), part 2 (Click here!), part 3 (Click here!), part 4 (Click here!), part 5 (Click here!), part 6 (Click here!), part 7 (Click here!) and part 8 (Click here!)

Pop Comic Moment: Suprman Gargoyle
POP Comic Moment: Btmn/Ctwm Jim Lee
POP Comic Momemt: Wonder Woman
POP Deluxe: Green Lantern Jim Lee

VYNL: 2019 ECCC – 2PK – VYNL 1 (B+N)
POP Animation: 2019 ECCC – POP 7 (GS)
POP Games: 2019 ECCC – POP 8 (GS)
POP Marvel: 2019 ECCC – POP 17 (GS)
POP HP: 2019 ECCC – 3PK – POP 19 (B+N)
POP Movies: 2019 ECCC – POP 24 (B+N)

POP Candy: Peeps- Duck White
POP Candy: Peeps- Duck Yellow
POP Candy: Peeps- Purple
POP Candy: Peeps- Blue

POP Marvel: MS 10 – BP

POP Rides: Marvel Capt Marvel POP 8

POP Disney: Fossil Butte-POP13

POP Disney: Mckys 90th-GamerMinnie

POP Movies: Bond Baron Samedi

POP StarWars: POP 1-7 (New wave)
POP Star Wars: Electronic
POP Heroes: Pink Pigs – 1-21

POP TV: Doctor Who: 13th Dr SD 11/23

POP Games: Overwatch S5 D.Va Cola

POP Ad Icons: Colonel Sanders

POP TV: George Jeffereson
POP TV: Louise Jefferson

POP Anime: DBZ S5 Goku Copper
POP Anime: DBZ S5 Goku Casual


5 Star: KH3 – Monsters Inc. Sora

VYNL Disney Mickey & Minnie

Pop: Snohomish S1 – Pop 1

One thought on “Sneak Peek Time! What Does Our October 2018 Preview Have?

  1. Im so excited! series 5 of overwatch! Lol and another Dva.. I dont mind its a good skin but i’d really like a regular sized one of her alone. I cant wait to see who’s in the rest of the wave but i doubt these will be out till march of next year based on previous releases.

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