Sneak Peek Time! What Does Our September 2018 Preview Have?

Sneak Peek Time September 2018

It’s that time again, another lineup of future POPs to tempt you and get you excited for what’s to come! Most of these will be releasing either late this year or early next.

P.S. This is our Eighth sneak peek article! To see part 1 (Click here!), part 2 (Click here!), part 3 (Click here!), part 4 (Click here!), part 5 (Click here!), part 6 (Click here!), part 7 (Click here!) and part 9 (Click here!)

POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – TheRZA
POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – Raekwon
POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – Method Man
POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – ODB
POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – GhostfaceKillah

POP Rocks: Billy Idol

POP TV: Chava Iglesias Jr. #2
POP TV: Clubde Cuervos – MoisesSuarez
POP Television: El Chavo – El Chavo
POP TV: El Chapulin Colorado

POP TV: Modern Family – Gloria
POP TV: Modern Family – Claire
POP TV: Modern Family – Jay w/Dog
POP TV: Modern Family – Cam

POP TV: Family Matters – Urkel

POP Rocks: Britney Spears Slave 4U
POP Disney:KH3-Sora w/Bls EXC SD10/1

POP: Pajama Party – POP 1
POP: Pajama Party – POP 11

POP: Toy Story – Bo Peep
POP: Toy Story – Bullseye
POP: Toy Story – Mrs. Nesbitt
POP: Toy Story – Wheezy
POP: Toy Story – Slinky Dog

POP Movies: Rain Coat

POP Disney: Dumbo – POP 1

POP Heroes: Pink Pigs – 5
POP Heroes: Pink Pigs – 7

POP Anime: Betty Boop Valentine

POP Candy: Sour Patch Kids – Yellow
POP Candy: Sour Patch Kids – Blue

KC POP Donald & Daisey
KC POP Mickey & Minnie

POP Rocks: Rick James – SuperFreak

POP Disney: Lion King – Mufasa
POP Disney: Lion King – Nala
POP Disney: Lion King – Luau Pumbaa
POP Disney: Lion King – Luau Timon
POP Disney: Lion King – Simba
POP Disney: Lion King – Zazu

POP Disney:WR 2- SD 10/1 ON HOLD

POP TV: Boy Meets World – Topanga
POP TV: Boy Meets World – Cory

POP Ad Icons: Colonel Sanders
POP Animie: Betty Boop- Sock Hop

POP Moments: Marvel Thor vs Thanos

POP AD Icon: Cap/n Crunch w/ Sword

POP TV: Modern Family – Cam

POP TV: El Chapulin Colorado

POP DC: Flash &SM NYCC SD10/4

POP&Buddy: Avatar- Aang w/ Momo
POP Animation: Avatar- Zuko
POP Animation: Avatar- Sokka
POP Animation: Avatar- Toph
POP Animation: Avatar- Appa
POP Animation: Avatar- Iroh w/ Tea
POP Animation: Avatar- Katara
POP Animation: Avatar Azula EXCL

POP Rides: Prince- Purple Rain Motor

POP Candy: Peeps- Blue
POP Icons: Jim Henson #1
POP Candy: Peeps- Duck White
POP Marvel: Dark Phoenix – Rogue

POP Directors: Vince Gilligan

POP Movies: Dirty Dancing – Baby
POP Movies: Dirty Dancing – Johnny

POP Television: El Chavo – El Chavo

POP Animation: Felix the Cat- Felix

POP Movies: Nacho Libre – Nacho

POP TV: Scrubs – Elliot
POP TV: Scrubs- Turk
POP TV: Scrubs- J.D.
POP TV: Scrubs- Dr. Cox

POP Movies: Titanic – Rose
POP Movies: Titanic – Jack

POP Movies: Romeo & Juliet – Juliet
POP Movies: Romeo & Juliet – Romeo

POP Comic Moment: Aquaman Jim Lee
POP Comic Moment – Flash (HUSH) EXCL
POP Jim Lee: Flash EXCL

POP Movies: Zoolander – MugatuW/dog
POP Movies: Zoolander – Hansel
POP Movies: Zoolander – Derek

Pop Animation: DBZ S5 – Android 17
Pop Animation: DBZ S5 – Android 18
Pop Animation: DBZ S5 – Videl
Pop & Buddy: King Kai & Bubbles
Pop & Buddy: DBZ S5 – Yamcha & Puar

POP Star Wars: Electronic

POP Ride: Knight Rider w/Kitt

POP Rocks: AC/DC – Angus Young

POP Movies: HTTYD3 – Light Fury
POP Movies: HTTYD3 – Toothless

Mystery Mini: Fallout S2 -12 PC PDQ

VYNL: 37014
VYNL: First Light 3&4
VYNL: Gremlins 3D Glass NYCC SD10/4
VYNL: SW Chewbacca & C3PO
VYNL: HP S6 2P KDobby & Harry
VYNL: Disney Mickey & Minnie

5 Star: First Light S2 – 1

Shirt L- Joker Jim Lee Pop

HeroWorld: Harry Potter – 2 Pack – Hagrid & Malfoy
HeroWorld: Harry Potter – 2 Pack- Snape & Quirrell
HeroWorld: Harry Potter – 5 Pack – Group 1

Plush: Cuphead S2 – Rumor Honeybottoms

VYNL: Wreck it Ralph 2 – Vanellope & Ralph
VYNL: Star Wars – 2PK – Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker
VYNL: Shape of Water – Elisa & Amphibian Man
VYNL: Rudolph-2PK-Rudolph&Hermie

POP: The Boxer
POP: Sounds of Silence
POP: Old Friends
POP: Mrs. Robinson
POP: Homeward Bound

POP TV: HugoSanchez
POP Icons: Dr. Seuss – Dr. Seuss
POP Icons: Jim Henson #1
POP Animie: Betty Boop- Sock Hop

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  1. Please consider Tom Petty as a new Funko Pop.

  2. Crash & Spyro got funky now Ratchet&clank and Jak&daxter should too like 100%


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