Day: September 16, 2018

Come Around for Lunch! September 2018 Lunch Money Sale!

Are you ready for the January 2018 Lunch Money Sale?

January 2018 Lunch Money Sale

Update: Sale ending today! Added in the last code of mine that i found, please share if you have any you’re not using! (Click me!)

Update 2: Ends in around 5 hours! Be quick ~

What can i buy?

Well aside from their large selection of POPs and more, there’s still a whole host of exclusives online! Such as The Red One POP Ride, The Buffy NYCC 2 Pack and the just released Experiment 626 Stitch. So there’s certainly no shortage of items, especially for those who .. have to have it all! Regardless, head on over to this link to check out their Funko selection (Click me!)

Do you have any Lunch Money codes?

I have a few here and there, i will post them when i find them! Also feel free to help others out and post any codes you won’t be using down below in the comments.

Note: All codes can be used 3 times, plus if you have more than 1 code they stack on top of each other!

  1. BWA2-PBCGC97Z96
  2. BWA0-2L67VMDPP6
  3. BWA0-2KSC3LP5SH
  4. BWA0-37LVGD4FFH
  5. BWA0-4MBS5C7KKZ
  7. BSA8-ZRN33BGK97
  9. BSA1-K4V5PBGB9T
  10. BSA6-55NWP2C4WD

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