Month: September 2018

Sneak Peek Time! What Does Our September 2018 Preview Have?

Sneak Peek Time September 2018

It’s that time again, another lineup of future POPs to tempt you and get you excited for what’s to come! Most of these will be releasing either late this year or early next.

P.S. This is our Eighth sneak peek article! To see part 1 (Click here!), part 2 (Click here!), part 3 (Click here!), part 4 (Click here!), part 5 (Click here!), part 6 (Click here!), part 7 (Click here!) and part 9 (Click here!)

POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – TheRZA
POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – Raekwon
POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – Method Man
POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – ODB
POP Rocks: Wu-Tang – GhostfaceKillah

POP Rocks: Billy Idol

POP TV: Chava Iglesias Jr. #2
POP TV: Clubde Cuervos – MoisesSuarez
POP Television: El Chavo – El Chavo
POP TV: El Chapulin Colorado


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Come Around for Lunch! September 2018 Lunch Money Sale!

Are you ready for the¬†January 2018 Lunch Money Sale? Update: Sale ending today! Added in the last code of mine that i found, please share if you have any you’re not using! (Click me!) Update 2: Ends in around 5 hours! Be quick ~ What can i buy? Well aside from their large selection of […]

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