San Diego Comic Con 2018! On The Way! Stay Tuned.

I hope everyone has their schedules ready for SDCC this year, and most importantly .. your wallets ready. As it’s set to be another bank busting celebration this year, and as every year, there are more figures than the last. Will there ever actually come a point where a convention will actually have less figures than the previous year? I wonder.

Regardless of your leanings there is usually something for everyone! As usual we will be doing our regular convention page for SDCC as we do with every major convention. So that’s the place to go for all the updates and happenings with this years San Diego event. Click me to go there now!

Also for those who reading this who might not know, be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages. These are the places where all information will appear first, as it’s the fastest way to get news out to you before it appears on the blog. So to stay up to date on everything with SDCC, future links and more remember to stay tuned!

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