Day: June 16, 2018

Sneak Peek Time! What Does Our June 2018 Preview Have?

Sneak Peek Time June 2018

Stay tuned later today for this months sneak peek edition! Lots to be revealed like .. Mike D, Wilson, Engines and more!

Updating throughout today!

Update: June’s list is now finished!

P.S. This is our Sixth sneak peek article! To see part 1 (Click here!), part 2 (Click here!) part 3 (Click here!) part 4 (Click here!) part 5 (Click here!)

POP Disney: KH3 – Sora
POP Disney: KH3 – Sora w/Blasters EXCL
POP Disney: KH3 – Soldier Heartless
POP Disney: KH3 – Riku
POP Disney: KH3 – Mickey
POP Disney: KH3 – Vanitas
POP Disney: KH3 – Sora (Monster’s)
POP Disney: KH3 – Goofy (Monsters)
POP Disney: KH3 – Donald (Monsters)

POP Animation: Voltron – Hunk
POP Animation: Voltron – Keith
POP Animation: Voltron – Lance
POP Animation: Voltron – Pidge
POP Animation: Voltron – Allura
POP Animation: Voltron – Shiro
POP Animation: Voltron – 6″ Voltron

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