All New Target Exclusive POPs! Now Live!

Elastigirl ~

Fire Jack Jack ~

Iron Spider ~

Mermaid Deadpool ~

Owen with Baby Raptor ~

5 thoughts on “All New Target Exclusive POPs! Now Live!

  1. Your website is freezing up for me on Google Chrome after a few seconds. I am unable to scroll at all, despite initially being able to on page load. Seems like some errors are being thrown that are conflicting with the scrolling funcitonality.

    1. Heya! I will look into it, thanks for letting me know ~

    2. Hey POP Collector, i think i managed to fix it! Please let me know if it works for you now and if you have any other issues ~

      1. Thank you, much better now!

        1. Welcome! Glad that worked, let me know if you need anything else or other blog improvements that would help.

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