Tokyo Slam. Godzilla Funko Mystery Minis 3 Pack! Out Now!

Godzilla Funko Mystery Minis 3 Pack

With this just released awesome 3 pack, who will you take on? I don’t think Mothra will stand a chance with the 3 of you, also you may ask .. who is this third mystery Godzilla? Well i have asked the gods for an answer, and that is a secret! Kidding, the 3rd one is actually Godzilla in their classic grey color (Black and White).

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Mystery Minis – Godzilla #3 Pack (Common) $19.99

Godzilla Funko Mystery Minis 3 Pack

Official line from Funko

Watch out! It’s Godzilla!!!

Godzilla joins Funko Mystery Minis as a 3-pack!

The Godzilla Mystery Mini 3-pack showcases two of the figures – a regular version and a burning version.

The third contains a mystery collectible!

Which version of Godzilla will you get?

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