Funko Announces Brand New Line! 5 Star! Plus Future Reveals!

Funko Announces Brand New Line! 5 Star!

Today Funko has announced that they have been working on, and will soon be releasing their new line of figures. This range will be known as “5 Star”, and will be quite different from the regular figures we’re used to seeing from the toy company. 5 Star could relate to the five new features of these figures, 3 of them being articulation. Each figure will have 3 points of articulation which in this case i assume to mean both the arms and the head, but i will have to get my hands on them to see the full range of differences!

Also these figures will come in a box with a window, they have done this before yes .. but Funko says this will mimic the opening of a book. So i take that to mean the front will fold open perhaps? And lastly they will all come with accessories, some of which they can hold! It seems they will be molded to fit in their hands. So what are your thoughts on this new line?

We have a list of announced .. and un-announced 5 Star figures right here! Who are you excited for?

5 Star: Harry Potter – Harry Potter
5 Star: Harry Potter – Ron Weasley
5 Star: Harry Potter – Hermione Granger
5 Star: Harry Potter – Hagrid
5 Star: Harry Potter – Dumbledore

5 Star: Harry Potter – Cooking Hagrid
5 Star: Harry Potter – Gryffindor Harry
5 Star: Harry Potter –¬†Gryffindor Hermione
5 Star: Harry Potter –¬†Gryffindor Ron
5 Star: Harry Potter – Severus Snape

5 Star: NBC – Barrel
5 Star: NBC – Jack Skellington
5 Star: NBC – Sally
5 Star: NBC – Lock
5 Star: NBC – Shock
5 Star: NBC – Oogie Boogie

5 Star: DC Classic – Batgirl
5 Star: DC Classic – Harley Quinn
5 Star: DC Classic – Batman
5 Star: DC Classic – The Joker
5 Star: DC Classic – Poison Ivy

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