Royal Rumble. WWE Wave 8 Funko POPs! Coming June!

WWE Wave 8 Funko POPs

We have a plethora of WWE goodness for you in this latest wave, with Chases abound! Yes that’s right, there are a whole 3 Chases in this lineup, and one of them is Target exclusive .. yes i know that news will pain quite a lot of you, but i wish you luck in finding it regardless. This is of course Asuka we’re talking about, i hope to at least find her common version as it’s certainly a must have! What about the rest of you, anything you are finding of interest here? Perhaps the Triple H Skull King Chase? He certainly makes an entrance in that outfit.

Note: Pre-Orders are available right here! Just click on your choice of store below.

WWE – Kurt Angle (Patriotic) #? (Common) $Retail

WWE Wave 8 Funko POPs

WWE – Sgt. Slaughter #? (Common) $Retail

WWE – Triple H (Skull King) #? (Common) $Retail

WWE – Triple H (Full Skull King) #? (Common Chase) $Retail

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WWE – Vince McMahon #? (Common) $Retail

WWE – Vince McMahon (Pink Suit) #? (Common Chase) $Retail

WWE – Asuka #? (Target Exclusive) $8.99

WWE – Asuka (Mask) #? (Target Exclusive Chase) $8.99

WWE – Asuka (Green Blood Mask) #? (Walmart Exclusive) $8.96

WWE – Hardy Boyz 2 Pack #? (Common) $Retail

Official line from Funko

In honor of WrestleMania Funko is excited to announce the newest wave of WWE Pop!

This series features a 2-pack of The Hardy Boyz, Kurt Angle shown in his patriotic ring gear, “Ten-hut!” Sgt. Slaughter, and Triple H Skull King!

In addition, we couldn’t leave out the man who made WWE what it is today, Vince McMahon!

Look for chase pieces for both Triple H Skull King and Vince McMahon! Both a rarity of 1-in-6!

Look for Asuka with chase, available exclusively at Target!

Asuka in green mask can be found at Walmart!

4 thoughts on “Royal Rumble. WWE Wave 8 Funko POPs! Coming June!

  1. I want to pre order all 3 Asuka funko pop that’s 18.00 plus the price of the common

    1. Hi Mike, wrong place for that!

    2. Target don’t have have a pre order so where could I do this

      1. No where ~ They’re only at Target so have to wait for them to appear there, the other is at Walmart and again just have to wait on that ~

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