Funko Shop Exclusive Aries Freddy POP! Out Now!

Funko Shop Exclusive Aries Freddy POP

The latest in the line of the Freddy Zodiac POPs! Only two more to go until the full 12 have been released, seems like my star sign (Gemini) will be the last one to come out!

Zodiac – Aries Freddy Funko #10 (Funko Shop Exclusive) $15.00 – Click me to buy!

Funko Shop Exclusive Aries Freddy POP

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Official line from Funko

Aries Freddy Funko is joining the Pop! Zodiac line! Aries are born between March 21th and April 19th. Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, they are known not to shy away from a challenge and love to lead! The Aries Freddy Funko Pop! is a Funko Shop limited edition exclusive.

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