GameStop Exclusive GV Spider-Man Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

GameStop Exclusive GV Spider-Man Funko POP

Update: Out Now!

Marvel – GameVerse Spider-Man #334 (GameStop Exclusive) $11.99 – Click me to buy!

GameStop Exclusive GV Spider-Man Funko POP

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Official line from Funko

Head to GameStop to pre-order this Spider-Man Pop! from the upcoming game Marvel’s Spider-Man!

8 thoughts on “GameStop Exclusive GV Spider-Man Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

  1. Do you guys know when the next wave of wwe is comin out for pre order for eb games?

    1. Is that in Canada? Not 100% sure but wave 8 of WWE is pre-orderable at GameStop right now. So for EB Games it should be now or soon.

    2. Ya its wave 8 i know some ppl wer able to order in the u.s already but just wanted to know for out in canada

    3. Jodie Mc Not normally much info for canada, best bet would be to call your local EB Games and ask them ~

    4. Ya i just checked there fb page and dident see anything as of yet

    5. Jodie Mc Do they usually post that info on their FB? Best to call them or pop in to the store otherwise ~

    6. Ya sometimes they do but i,ll ask when i go there tmr and see what they say

    7. Jodie Mc Sounds good Jodie!

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